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New Social Sound Toy Turns Your Body Into An Instrument

The Ningen Gakki makes randomly touching your friends much less awkward. Or more awkward. We’re not sure, actually.
February 7, 2011, 4:20pm

Takara Tomy, a toy company based in Japan, has just unleashed a new kind of interactive music game. The Ningen Gakki is a handheld sound toy that allows up to four people to make music by touching each other’s skin, so long as players are touching one of the device’s electrodes. If players touch each other’s bodies fast or rhythmically enough, they can also construct songs out of the pre-recorded music loops. Not only does the Ningen Gakki succeed in associating music with the body, it also requires players to be creative in how they touch each other. (Ahem.) But don’t worry, there’s no danger of players punching each other while using it, since all it requires is light contact to work.

We love games that creatively push the bounds of social interactivity in gaming, but we wonder if maybe this game is a little too social.