"We Became Such Great Losers": Bill Murray Celebrates Cubs World Series Win

Chicago's most famous fan hopes his fellow Cubs fans are just as good winners as they were great losers.
November 3, 2016, 4:10pm

My interview of the night ended with Bill Murray asking if I recycle. He handed me his champagne bottle. #WorldSeries #Cubs
— Jose de Jesus Ortiz (@OrtizKicks) November 3, 2016

A jubilant Bill Murray was among the many rumbling around Progressive Field last night. He drank champagne bottle after champagne bottle. He celebrated the first Cubs World Series title of his life and pretty much everyone else's.

Somewhere along that timeline, he stopped for an interview with Jose de Jesus Ortiz of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and explained what it means now for the Cubs fans to have won it all. This is something that they've waited 108 years for. This is something they might have thought would never occur.

His answer was nearly perfect, a largely human and magnanimous point of view that could only come from a fan who is so used to losing and defeat and heartbreak that even winning comes through that prism. And it was delivered by a glossy-eyed Murray.

"It means a huge weight has been lifted," he said. "All this effort, the wishing and hoping that they'd win, now it's come true. It's wonderful. It's fantastic. You believe in something and it actually was true, it's beautiful. You believe in something that was true and beautiful and the whole city, all its fans, they're sort of validated. Their dream come true. It's OK. Dreams came true and people believed in it. The great thing about it is we became such great losers. Good sports. Good losers. I just hope we're good winners. I hope we're good winners. I hope we're just as good sports as winners as when we didn't win. You know what I mean?"

And then he finishes his bottle, looks into the camera, and gets ready to move on.

"Do you recycle? Recycle that for me."