Fake PAT Features a Behind-the-Back, Under-Handed Pass for a Two-Point Conversion

This is the craziest PAT you've ever seen, hands down.
November 9, 2015, 8:31pm

These are your St. Thomas Tommies (real name), a D-III squad in Minnesota, just punishing their opponent, the Carleton College Carlies (probably not real name), with an absolutely bizarre two point conversion attempt. This starts out as a pretty standard fake: the holder makes like he is going to pitch the ball to the kicker who flanked out to the right. Then something truly remarkable happens: on the downswing from his fake pitch, the holder throws an underhanded spiral behind his back into the general area of the end zone.

It looks like a lineman broke off from the line and settled underneath it for a relatively easy catch, but...what the hell?? I can't say I've ever seen a football team call a play that specifically requires someone to just throw the ball into the air "somewhere over there, you know, where you can't see." I guess the one thing the Tommies had going for them was the element of surprise: no one in the world would have expected anyone to throw the ball that way, except the receiver. Also they beat Carleton 80-3, so maybe this play was too easy for them.