Matt Prater Sons Justin Tucker By Outkicking his 75-Yard Field Goal by a Yard

Prater is sonning Tucker at every turn.
January 28, 2017, 6:06pm

As I've said previously, Pro Bowl weekend is basically a football-themed state fair—complete with freak shows, strong man competitions and everything. Well, the kicking equivalent of the high striker/bell and mallet game is going down between the Lions' Matt Prater and the Ravens' Justin Tucker, though it's hard to see it going any further. Why? Because Matt Prater is a stone cold G.

Three days ago in Orlando—where the Pro Bowl is going down—Justin Tucker tried to push his limits, and drilled this baby over a crowd of onlookers, and took to social media to brag about it:


From 75 in sunny Orlando! Shoutout to #RavensFlock!!
— Justin Tucker (@jtuck9) January 25, 2017

Seventy-five yards is pretty nuts. But what's nutser? Seventy-six yards.

Yup, cheeky Matt Prater called Tucker's 75 and raised him one:
— Matt Prater (@MattPrater_5) January 28, 2017

People consider Tucker's uncanny ability to drill 50+ yarders on a weekly basis enough to make him the best kicker in the league. He also once kicked an impressive career-long 61 yarder. Prater, however, holds the NFL record at 64 yards. Prater is sonning Tucker at every turn.