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Welcome Our New TV Show: VICE World Of Sports

The VICE World of Sports television show will premiere on April 27 on VICELAND and will air every Wednesday at 11 PM ET.
March 31, 2016, 7:30pm

For nearly a year and a half, VICE Sports has chronicled unique stories from around the world that illustrate the relationship between sport and society. We are excited and proud to announce a new television show that will continue that adventurous style of storytelling. Please welcome the VICE World of Sports, which will premiere on VICELAND on April 27 at 11 PM ET, and will air each Wednesday in that same time slot.


VWOS will tell compelling stories that explore broad cultures, politics, places and people through the one thing connects them all: sport. Our Executive Producer and host Selema Masekela has traveled to places such as Ghana, Cuba, and Kenya, among many others, to bring you stories you won't see anywhere else, and that will be told through VICE's unique point of view.

Consider this the television version of the website that you already love. Enjoy.

— Jorge Arangure Jr., editor-in-chief, VICE Sports