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Watch George Clooney's Strange Memories Get Animated

That time that 5-year-old George thought his uncle’s head would twist off completely.

George Clooney likes to tell stories. Sometimes they're on-screen; other times, they're straight from his childhood. In a new episode of Blank on Blank, a series from Quoted Studios, Clooney's tale of his eccentric uncles George and Chick comes to animated life at the hands of Joe McKendry. The entertaining tale of Clooney's "What I've Learned," published under the Esquire Classic video channel, comes from a 2011 interview with Esquire journalist Cal Fussman.


As Clooney recounts his wild uncles' war stories, things get really gruesome really fast: one particularly hard-drinking storytime from Uncle George compels Uncle Chick to take off some of his faux parts to terrify young George and his sister. "To this day," Clooney laughs. "I'm convinced that Uncle Chick could actually unscrew his head."

Hear the entire story—and see its imaginative animated results—below:

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