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Watch This Guy Spin a 'Dark Souls 3' Boss to Death With a 'DJ Hero' Turntable

ATwerkingYoshi is a real DJ Hero.

There once was a time when beating a Dark Souls boss with a regular controller was impressive enough, but now players are seeking ever-greater thrills. Consider YouTuber and Twitch streamer ATwerkingYoshi, for instance, who recently posted a video of himself using a PlayStation 3 DJ Hero turntable to defeat Dark Souls 3's Abyss Watchers boss.

Talk about skills. He managed the beat the encounter after failing only six times before. Not too shabby for someone who describes himself as a "true scrub" in his YouTube description.


Mr. Yoshi doesn't talk much once the battle gets underway, and the footage in the upper right of the screen shows why. The setup uses only what the turntable offers. Turning the "record" clockwise moves his fighter forward, while turning it counter-clockwise makes him move backwards. And that's the simple part. He lays out impressively awkward setup he used in the image below.

Image: ATwerkingYoshi

"The challenge comes from figuring out where my buttons are when the turntable is spinning around," he said in an Imgur post explaining his method more thoroughly.

His YouTube channel is chock-full of similar antics, whether it's beating Dark Souls 3 with a Dance Pad after 364 deaths, beating Dark Souls 3 with Donkey Kong Bongos, or playing Overwatch's Pharah character with, yes, a trampoline. Good stuff.

Keep on spinnin' man.