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The First Trailer for the Four-Hour, Scorsese-Produced Grateful Dead Doc Is Here

'Long Strange Trip' promises to be the "definitive" documentary of rock's greatest cult band. It's been long enough.

I mean, this really doesn't need an introduction. You know how Martin Scorsese does things (long, detailed, reverent) and how the Grateful Dead did things (long, detailed, reverent) so naturally, the collision between the two would be like humanity discovering fire (a.k.a. bongs). So it goes that Amazon is now unveiling a Scorsese-produced documentary on the Dead entitled Long Strange Trip because what else would you call it?


Directed by Amir Bar-Lev, the film runs 241 minutes—just over four hours—and will apparently be chock-full of "new interviews, never-seen-before footage, concert performances, [and] acid flashbacks" that chronicle the Dead's entire career "from their conception in Palo Alto, California, to the 1995 death of de facto leader Jerry Garcia and beyond." This is going to be extensive, and Deadheads or those merely interested in the band's lasting legacy likely wouldn't want anything less. Watch the trailer for Long Strange Trip below via Yahoo Movies.

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