Desiigner Kicks Back on His New Mura Masa "All Around The World" Feature

It's a chill appearance from the Brooklyn rapper.
May 16, 2017, 11:57am

We've been drip-fed info and tidbits about Mura Masa's upcoming debut album for weeks now, but we're getting to the good stuff. Yesterday, MistaJam premiered the record's Desiigner-featuring track "All Around the World" on BBC Radio 1:

Desiigner, on less-hype form that usual, meshes surprisingly well with that unmistakable, upbeat but super chill, Sunday afternoon Mura Masa vibe. Of their unlikely pairing, Mura Masa told MistaJam, "I'm quite happy that we managed to tease it out of him a little bit, and it's a more traditional structure for Desiigner, which is wicked."

Wicked indeed—in fact the structure suits Desiigner so much that perhaps he should consider consulting Mura on more music in the future, because outside of his usual comfort zone, he sounds great.

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(Image via Desiigner on Instagram)