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How a Mexican Beer Ad Trolled Trump During the Presidential Debates

What better way to mock Trump's wall than by spending a shitload of money on ads and getting a ton of publicity in the process?

Mercifully, America was spared any talk of Donald Trump's wall during Monday night's debate.

But for those watching the debate on Fox News (many of whom, it's safe to assume, aren't totally opposed to the notion of a physical wall separating the US and Mexico), it was a different story. They were forced to sit through a commercial promoting an entirely other kind of US-Mexico wall—a beer wall.

Mexican beer company Tecate full took advantage of the fact that approximately 100 million Americans tuned in last night to listen to two old, rich white people bicker about the fate of the Union and paid for an ad that was a direct "fuck you" to Donald Trump.


It shows an arid desert landscape separate by a tiny foot-high wall. "The time has come for a wall," a very American-sounding narrator proclaims. "A tremendous wall. The best wall." The "best wall" turns out to be just the right height for Mexican bros and American bros to hug it out and bro down over a cooler full of Tecate.

"The Tecate beer wall. A wall that brings us together," our faithful narrator concludes, as the hashtag as the hashtag #TecateBeerWall flashes on the screen.

The Mexican company was, of course, referencing Trump's controversial proposition of building a wall along the US-Mexico border, following his accusations of Mexico "sending" rapists, drugs, and people with "problems" to America. The ad also ran on Spanish-language Univision and Telemundo, Ad Age reports.

Not surprisingly, #TecateBeerWall picked up some serious steam on social media.

Oh my God. Tecate beer just won the debate with that #TecateBeerWall commercial.

— Peter Jaworski (@petermjaworski) September 27, 2016

Whatever side you're on, you have to admit this is very clever advertising! #TecateBeerWall #Marketing #Advertising — SDSU Marketing (@SDSUMarketing) September 26, 2016

And while all of this reeks of self-serving publicity stunt on Tecate's part, what better way to mock a narcissistic billionaire's tyrannical immigration policy than by spending a shitload of money on ads and getting a ton of free publicity in the process?