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Watch Andy Samberg Impersonate Eddie Vedder and Pay Tribute to Those That Didn’t Die in the Past Year

The Independent Spirit Awards look fun.

Tonight is the Oscars which is great if you're into that sort of thing. Awards shows are sort of fun if you have enough snacks and soda and the option of turning over at short notice. But the Independent Spirit Awards, launched in 1984, actually tend to be legitimately fun. Last night, Moonlight swept up and OJ: Made In America got the recognition that it deserved.

In fact, the Independent Spirit Awards were so good that even the comic relief didn't make its audience cringe its way over to Archer reruns. Andy Samberg, a reliably funny man who, by rights, should be annoying, but somehow remains completely charming, sang a tribute to all those that we didn't lose in the last year, donning a long wig, and doing his best Eddie Vedder impression for a version of Pearl Jam's "Alive." It was funny! And the audience played along! Even Matt Damon! Fred Armisen was in on it! And nobody had to fall down a flight of stairs as though it was a cheap slapstick movie from the 40s! There's a lesson in there somewhere.

Watch the video below.

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