These Are New York’s Best Coffee Shops to Get Your Caffeine High


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These Are New York’s Best Coffee Shops to Get Your Caffeine High

In North Brooklyn you can't throw a hipster without hitting a recently opened coffee shop. But how do you know which cafes are the best? That's what we're here for.
July 23, 2016, 4:00pm

It takes a shit ton of caffeine to fuel a city that never sleeps, which is probably why New York seems to have a perpetually growing number of coffee shops. Whether you just want to grab a to-go cuppa from a street cart, an expertly pulled espresso from an undiscovered neighborhood joint, or join the rest of the Brooklyn "creatives" in ordering the cheapest thing on the menu to milk the free Wi-Fi for all its worth, New York's got what you seek.


In the North Brooklyn neighborhoods of Williamsburg, Greenpoint, and Bushwick, you can't throw a hipster without hitting a recently opened coffee shop that takes its beans seriously. Even Midtown and the Financial District—once the city's black holes of decent coffee—have shiny new cafes serving up pour-over or Aeropressed drinks. But how do you know which ones are actually worth the $4.50 you'll drop on Colombia's finest? That's what we're here for.

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Looking for something to give you a boost before heading out for an all-night drinking sesh? An iced coffee to keep your hangover at bay? A place for a meeting or mobile office? Our brand new MUNCHIES Guide to New York has got you covered with a super-handy "coffee" filter so you can find the best spots to sit and sip that flat white of your dreams made with locally roasted beans.

Be sure to check out our city guide pages, of course, but here's just a taste of the best cafes New York has to offer.

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Devoción: This cavernous Williamsburg temple to Colombian coffee has become a destination for New York's growing hoards of cold brew fanatics. It's so good it will give you the shakes.

joe1-1024x768 2

Joe: Joe Coffee opened in the West Village in the early 2000s just when the coffee-nerd culture was gaining steam. Now with many locations in New York and a few in Philadelphia, Joe Coffee still boasts meticulously sourced beans and the most knowledgeable staff around. Order their house espresso and you'll be convinced that you can grow chest hair from its strength.

oslo-coffee-1024x683 2

Oslo Coffee Roasters: A daily lifeline to the staff at VICE HQ, Oslo Coffee Roasters is the place for a hot cup of joe, espresso, cold brews, and a smoke break.

cafe-grumpy-1024x768 2

Cafe Grumpy: This homegrown New York cafe prides itself on sourcing responsible, interesting beans from all over the world which it roasts right here in Brooklyn. Founded in Greenpoint, Cafe Grumpy now has seven locations around New York, not including its roastery.

Grumpy takes its "no laptop" policy seriously, so freelancers are out of luck in all but the Greenpoint location.

la-colombe-1024x684 2

La Colombe Coffee: Philadelphia's artisanal coffee roaster has undeniably become one of New York's best coffee spots. Go for the draft lattes, iced red eyes, or espresso, but don't leave without trying some of the olive oil cake (if it's still there by the time you order.)