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Watch a German Symphony Orchestra Recreate the Sound of Currywurst

Musicians from Konzerthausorchester Berlin are paying homage to Germany’s favorite curry-flavored sausage snack.

When was your first time? That sixth form trip to Berlin? A European city break with your mates? Maybe at your hometown's dodgy Christmas market? Either way, you can probably still remember the sound of the stainless steel tongs clashing against a tray of sausages; the squirt of curry ketchup; the sizzle of chips in the deep fat fryer …

Of course, we're talking about Germany's unofficial national dish: currywurst.


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The recipe of sliced pork sausage coated in curry-flavoured ketchup and topped with curry powder (usually accompanied by a hefty side of chips) is said to have originated in Berlin in 1949. Entrepreneurial food stall vendor Herta Heuwer supposedly nicked ketchup and curry powder from British soldiers, mixed them together, and drizzled over a sausage.

And now, 68 years later, a symphony orchestra based in the German capital is paying homage to the porky delicacy.

Konzerthausorchester Berlin released a video on Monday showing musicians "recreating" the sound of currywurst prep, including the slicing of the sausages, squelching ketchup, and the final act of throwing the used paper tray in the bin.

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The audio accompanies visuals from currywurst kiosk Curry 36 in the Berlin's Kreuzberg district. The vendor is shown moving sausages along a rack and dousing with curry powder.

Konzerthausorchester Berlin says that it's the first video in a series that will celebrate Berlin. Well, you might as well start with the wurst.