Action Bronson’s Moroccan Eating Guide for This Week's Episode of ‘Fuck, That’s Delicious’


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Action Bronson’s Moroccan Eating Guide for This Week's Episode of ‘Fuck, That’s Delicious’

Your Moroccan culinary guide includes vegetable tagines, squid salad, and the greatest roasted lamb of your life.

We hope you've been enjoying the new series of Fuck, That's Delicious on VICELAND, which has so far taken Mr. Wonderful on a meat-centric journey through the UK to deli sandwiches in East New York and Thai food in Amsterdam.

This week, Action and his crew give us what is, perhaps, the most sociological episode of FTD yet: a magical journey through Morocco that includes tagines, instruments, and taming a few snakes. But let's be real: the most important thing to come out of this trip is the food. Herewith, your eating itinerary through Morocco, courtesy of Mr. Wonderful.


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Café Maure

Action kicks things off in Casablanca to test out the legendary Café Maure, where he went "for the couscous." This spot is known for its seven-vegetable tagine, which is packed with sweet potatoes, carrots, caramelised onions, courgette, chickpeas, artichoke hearts, and potatoes, but this crew came hungry, so they also ordered sea bass, lamb tagine, and crab with mango. One bite of the tagine, and everyone agreed that it tasted like the "illest buffet, or the best block party plate."


You can't come here without ordering the tagine.


Lamb tagine Sea bass

After the waiter brought over cold glasses of milk for the table, Big Body Bes noted the soigné service: "Bringing us glasses of milk? That's some thug shit right there."


The famous seven vegetable tagine.



Jemaa El-Fnaa Market

Next, the group headed to Marrakesh, where things started popping off at Jemaa El-Fnaa's night market. Action sipped on eucalyptus tea, sampled some Moroccan snails, and feasted on maakoudah, a spicy potato and pepper "sandwich" from one of the food stalls that proudly boasted, "we haven't given anyone diarrhea for the past five years"—the sign of a great restaurant.


The maakoudah sandwich.



Then, after they had kickstarted their appetites, the trio headed over to the Nomad, where they ordered "one of everything" off of the menu, because "we're not normal-sized men." Within minutes, courgette and feta fritters, a mezze plate, lentils, grilled squid, and of course, lamb tagine, appeared on the table. After sopping up the lamb juices with homemade pita, Action reflected: "I saw Andrew Zimmern in Morocco on Bizarre Foods and thought to myself: 'That looks like an incredible place.' I'm glad I came here."


Mechoui Alley

No trip to Morocco would be complete without a visit to Mechoui Alley, a.k.a. lamb alley. This section of the city attracts food lovers from around the world who are seeking out tender lamb tagine, roasted sheep's head, and tanjia. Before heading over to Mechoui Alley, Action, Mayhem, and Big Body revived themselves from all of the eating they had been up to the night before with freshly squeezed blood orange juice from Jemaa El-Fnaa Market. Once seated in an open-air dining room, the group ordered mechoui—lamb that's cooked underground in clay pits—and tanjia (lamb that is sent away to be cooked). The results: "That was some of the most delicious lambs of our lives."