Watch the First Gameplay Trailer for the New 'Quake'

The New 'Quake' looks like the old 'Quake' (That's Good).
August 4, 2016, 9:49pm
Image: Bethesda.

Dallas, Texas is currently hosting QuakeCon, the community convention that originally formed around id Software's first-person shooters in the '90s, and for the first time in years Bethesda actually has a new Quake game to show off.

First announced earlier this year at E3, Quake Champions looks to pick up where Quake 3 left off. It's not a gothic, single-player game like the series's debut, but rather the fast, vicious multiplayer arena game that it evolved into over the years and that players love to this day.

The trailer Bethesda showed off at E3 was just a cinematic to set the mood, so it wasn't clear how closely Quake Champions would follow the formula of Quake 3 and other arena shooters. Going by this first gameplay trailer, the answer appears to be pretty closely.

Forget the perks, leveling up, and other peripherals that Call of Duty popularized over the last decade. Quake Champions seems like it's just about rocket-jumping, rail guns, and buckets of gibs. It's impossible to say whether Bethesda will be able to pull off this old school vibe based on this trailer alone, but Doom was a good indicator that it can, and this trailer seems to be taking things in the right direction.