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Teenage Hackers Return With New List of Government Employees

The hacktivist group that hacked John Brennan’s AOL email account is back after a brief hiatus.
November 16, 2015, 10:01pm
Image: Volt Collectio/Shutterstock

The hacktivist group that breached the personal email account of CIA Director John Brennan isn't done yet.

The group, which calls itself "Crackas With Attitude" or CWA, published a list of almost 1,500 names, emails and phone numbers of government employees on Monday. Some of the names and other details appear to be legitimate, although Motherboard wasn't able to verify them all.

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The group reemerged after more than days days of virtual radio silence. One of its members, only known as Cracka, had not tweeted for more than a week. Cracka went AWOL just a few days after the group had released the contact details of almost 2,400 government members, potentially exposing sensitive information.

Cracka told Motherboard that this new list is part of the same breach.

"Just got back from my seven day nap," Cracka told Motherboard in a Twitter direct message, adding that he did not post this new information before because he was "working on other stuff" and was "also locked out" of his Twitter account.

It's still unclear where the hackers found this information. The hackers, who are allegedly teenagers, have previously claimed to have breached a portal that gave them access to several law enforcement tools, including JABS, a database of arrested people; IC3, an FBI crime-reporting tool; and VCC, a sharing tool for law enforcement agencies.

Another member of the group, nicknamed Cubed, told Motherboard at the time that they had "a lot more names," so it's no surprise they have now released more. And this might still be just a portion of the database they have, given that the list appears to contain only last names that start with the letter A.

The FBI declined to comment.