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After Breaches At Other Services, Spotify Is Resetting Users' Passwords

The company writes the resets are in response to breaches on other sites.

Popular music streaming service Spotify is actively resetting a number of users' passwords. The company claims this is in response to data breaches of other websites, implying that the problem may be customers reusing passwords.

"To protect your Spotify account, we've reset your password. This is because we believe it may have been compromised during a leak on another service with which you use the same password," an email sent to a user on Wednesday reads.


"Don't worry! This is purely a preventative security measure. Nobody has accessed your Spotify account, and your data is secure," it continues.

It then prompts the user to create a new password by clicking on a link. Around six hours ago, users on Twitter reported receiving the same email.

On Wednesday, Motherboard broke the news that a 2012 hack of Dropbox had exposed some 68 million email addresses and hashed passwords. This summer, the public learned of huge hacks of Myspace, LinkedIn,

However, it is not clear which of these breaches the Spotify password resets are in response to, if any of them.

Spotify did not immediately respond to a request for clarification. Motherboard will update this article with new information as it arrives.

In April, hundreds of Spotify accounts appeared online, although it does not appear that the incidents are related.