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The Pope Misses Going Out for Pizza More Than He Misses TV

The Pope hasn't watched TV in 25 years, but he really misses a good old pizza session. And for those wondering, “ordering one in the Vatican is not the same thing.”

Imagine this: you're forced to choose between your love of Mad Men (RIP) or your love of pizza. Fill in all of your favorite TV shows in place of a weekly Don Draper session, if you'd prefer: Dating Naked, Swamp People, Fuck, That's Delicious. No boob tube whatsoever, or no more gooey, cheesy slices of Margherita?

This might just be the Sophie's Choice of stoners and those who simply live to lounge. And then imagine something even more horrific: suppose you had to give up both? Which would you miss more?


If you happen to be Pope Francis, it turns out that lifestyle-wise, you're more of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle than a Mike Teavee. Look, the Pope may be the global leader of the Catholic Church and the single most important bastion of Christendom today, but he also loves eating pizza, for Christ's sake (literally).

In a recent interview with Argentinian newspaper La Voz Del Pueblo, the title of which translates to "I Long to Go to a Pizzeria and Eat a Good Pizza," Pope Francis offered some food for thought (yes, second pun in two sentences) about how his life has changed since becoming the holiest dude in the world. And while he's been perfectly fine abstaining from television for the last 25 years—at least he got to see the full run of Mama's Family—he really misses kicking back with a 'za every once in a while without being mobbed. The Popemobile is, after all, quite attention-grabbing.

After being reelected in 2013 to his surprise, Pope Francis—now 78 years-old—told LVDP that the simple pleasure he most enjoyed in his homeland of Argentina was popping into a pizzeria on a whim, something that his current level of fame prohibits. And apparently, for those wondering, "ordering one in the Vatican is not the same thing."

He also mentioned that he misses riding the subway system of Buenos Aires and being able to connect with people in a non-insane setting. However, despite eschewing television since 1990 and generally ignoring the internet, he does dabble in reading the news and keeping up with soccer scores. Pope Francis notes that although he only gets about six hours of sleep a night, he still takes hour-long siestas every day, "kick[ing] off my shoes and [throw]ing myself on the bed," in his words.

Could this be the most relatable pope of all time?


After all, a perfect pizza sesh and a proper nap is sometimes all it takes to feel closer to God.