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Get Behind the Scenes of Action Bronson's "Easy Rider" Music Video

So you've seen the trailer, and then you saw the shiny, finished music video. Today, we give you what you've really been waiting for: a behind-the-scenes view.

So you got the amuse-bouche and then the entrée, and now we're taking you into the kitchen for a look at all the behind-the-scene details on Bronsolini and that shiny new motorcycle.

Check out the making of Action Bronson's "Easy Rider," produced by Party Supplies and directed by Tom Gould:

Oh, and in case you want to watch it again—and why wouldn't you?—here's the full official music video for "Easy Rider":


Director: Tom Gould

Produced By: Travis Mitchell

Co-Producers: Dustin Highbridge, Brendan Fitzgerald

Cinematographer: Jake Burghart

Editor: Tom Gould, Jared Perez

Download "Easy Rider" on iTunes.

Watch Fuck, That's Delicious here.