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FUEL: Snowboarding Gold Medalist Ross Rebagliati

Snowboarding gold medalist Ross Rebagliati whisks us around Whistler, BC, showing us how he’s fully embraced and integrated cannabis into his life and diet.

In this episode of FUEL , Canadian Olympic Snowboarder Ross Rebagliati embraces his infamous past and embarks on a new venture.

Ross Rebagliati was once embroiled in unchartered controversy at the 1998 Olympics in Nagano where he won gold and then tested positive for cannabis in the first-ever snowboarding giant slalom event. Eventually, it was determined that there was no infraction of the rules and his gold medal was reinstated.


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Fast-forward to today, when cannabis culture and legislation has drastically changed; Ross is now the go-to guy for cannabis in athletics. He openly helms a thriving cannabis company, the name of which is a direct nod to his past: Ross' Gold. Ross whisks us around Whistler, British Columbia showing us how he's fully embraced and integrated cannabis into his life and diet. Consuming cannabis helps to fuel his body by increasing his appetite—essentially, giving him the munchies and enabling him to consume the calories he needs to actively perform and function as a faster and stronger athlete.

"If you do have cannabis," Ross tells us, "make sure you do have food nearby, because you're going to feel hungry!"

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This first appeared on MUNCHIES in March 2015.