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This Raccoon Riding on a Garbage Truck Is the Only Thing in DC That Makes Sense

Godspeed, young beast. Your journey gives us all hope.
February 17, 2017, 6:35pm

Things in DC are pretty shitty right now. Our political system has become a hacky Tom Clancy novel, congressmen are trying to make appeals for sanity by forcing Stranger Things references into their speeches, and Trump made Chris Christie force down a plate of meatloaf like he's a grown-up Bruce Bogtrotter from Matilda.

But, lo, not all is so bad. Just feast your eyes on this one intrepid raccoon who hitched a ride on the back of a garbage truck in our nation's capital Friday morning. His photo was captured by Politico writer Helena Bottemiller Evich, who tweeted it out for all to see. The world may make little sense right now, but this raccoon's motivations are clear.

Can you see the mixture of wonder and terror in his tiny raccoon eyes? Those are eyes that know that this dangerous ride on the back of the garbage truck will lead him—if his luck holds—to the mecca of trash that is the dump. There, he will feast and feast on all the food scraps society has thrown away, gorging himself on the world's waste.

Godspeed, young beast. May you dip your paws in a pool of cool, clear water before devouring your weight in old meat. Your journey gives us all hope. You are the only ray of light inside the Beltway today.