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Windows 10 Comes Preinstalled with 'Candy Crush' Whether You Like It or Not

A disgrace to 'Minesweeper.'

You may have deleted Candy Crush Saga from your phone and swore that you'll never play it again, but you're not as safe as you might have thought if you're a PC user.

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that not only is mobile developer King bringing the free-to-play match-three puzzle game to Windows 10, "as an added bonus, Candy Crush Saga will automatically be installed for customers that upgrade to or download Windows 10 for periods of time following the game launch."

Pre-installing a game that's the epitome of everything that's wrong with the free-to-play mobile market on an operating system is bad enough, but then Microsoft's announcement also had the nerve to equate Candy Crush Saga with other timeless classics that have been included with Windows for years: Solitaire, every mom's favorite game, and Minesweeper, the thinking man's time waster.

One big new Windows 10 features that Microsoft's been advertising is the universal app platform, which lets developers make the same app work across Windows 10, Windows Phone, Xbox One, and other devices. Candy Crush Saga was released on Windows Phone in December, so it would make sense that it would use the popular game to highlight the feature, but the announcement didn't specify that it will be a universal app. Instead, it seems that it will be there just because.

It has to be the worst piece of media to come with Windows. It's a far cry from the golden age of Windows 95, which came with a video for Weezer's "Buddy Holly."