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Our Presidents Are Reptilians: A YouTube Oral History

A race of subterranean reptilian humanoids from the constellation Draco​ have posed as powerful humans to take control of Earth.

In his 1999 book The Biggest Secret, New Age conspiracy theorist David Icke laid out his reptoid hypothesis, which combines a New World Order narrative with a plot out of X-Files: A race of subterranean reptilian humanoids from the constellation Draco​ have posed as powerful humans to take control of Earth.

While Icke wasn't the first to propose the idea that a subversive alien Illuminati group is controlling the globe, his theory is perhaps the most publicized in recent years, and it hits on every top conspiracy note. As Rational Wiki puts it, Icke is a proponent of a super-duper grand unified conspiracy theory that mixes together just about every conspiracy theory you can think of; this he calls the "Babylonian Brotherhood."


Some have argued that it's a complex allegorical narrative, and his theories have been the subject of scholarly examination. Others have said it's little more than a vehicle for anti-Semitic hatred, as is the case with many NWO conspiracy theories. For example, there's this exchange from a 2001 Guardian article on Icke:

"What is this crap, this metaphorically hidden language?" asked a member of Anti-Racist Action, a visiting scientist from Somalia. "Who is a lizard? It's bullshit. Bullshit! As a human being, you have to use proper language."

"What do these words imply?" I asked him.

"What do you think they imply?" he replied. "Lizards? Reptiles? Cockroaches? Amphibians? They imply hatred. Racist hatred."

Icke has repeatedly denied that his shapeshifter theory is racist. (Regardless of whether you think it is or not, I think we can all agree that having to issue denials about the alleged racism of a reptilian Illuminati conspiracy is a, um, unique position to be in.)

But taken at face value—that shapeshifting alien reptiles have taken over the planet like an alternate They Live plot—and propelled through the conspiracy-fueled echo chamber that is the Internet, the theory has become a meme for the tragicomic absurdity of class- and politically-based power struggles, especially in the US.

Perhaps most famously, Louis CK grilled Donald Rumsfeld in 2011 about whether or not the former Secretary of Defense was in fact a lizard person. But fear of a reptilian takeover has been trumpeted most loudly on YouTube, where video posters and commenters have been shining light on the reptoids' takeover of the White House since the video megasite's inception. What follows is an oral history of the YouTube conspiracy community's years-long fight against our subhuman leaders.


The Reptilian Infiltration Is Ancient

nolifemerc1 year ago: Reptilians (also called reptoids,[1] reptiloids, or draconians) are purported reptilian humanoids

thugonthaglock75 years ago:  Humans originate from the lyrae star sytem in the milky way some 500 light years from here. The lyrans were the first humans and very advanced. Until the repitillian invasion the new draconian invaders fought wars with the lyrans and pleaidians and ultimately the draconians won and won earth because they needed it for a special reason. The reptillian mystery has always been with us and if you study religions you find out they all point to the same idea they talk about reptillian "gods".

Bryan Randall8 months ago:  There's a reason these 'puppet masters' are known as the elite, they can deceive an entire nation and in turn give the illusion that they're are in control, that takes some serious talent!

Jake Ingram5 years ago: srry thats not good enough but all presidents are reptillians, part of illuminati

President George H.W. Bush Has a Suspicious Tongue

19Rockers855 years ago: Pause at 0:05 eyes, 1:50 fang. At 54ish seconds he has forked tongue and imo he almost says "signed the declaration…" Opinions please.

Lee J5 years ago: Fuck, slit pupils like a snake!

Roadskare624 years ago: Seriously what the fuck? 1:48. His fucking tooth! WTF?!?!?!

overshot5k4 years ago: THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!!!

slarfuggle4 years ago: damn im getting pretty lightheaded looking at these videos i wonder if its an astral-attack from those bastards?


Gabe Newell4 years ago: well his blinking can be because he is nervous i do that to sometimes but the tongue thing looks kind of suspicious.

Louize Helen4 years ago: not sure about bush senior being a reptilian, but he's definitely creepy- isn't clinton supposed to be an illuminati member though also? his eyes look pretty normal in comparison…

oldlanguage5 years ago: when you see them in person just look closely, they put a lot of emphasis on the letter S, they cant help getting the tip of the tongue out of the mouth just like a snake, their eyes change, pupils change, skin color turns greenish, and if you get one of them mad you can see them transforming, but they can suppress it - depending on how mad you get them. my advice is if you see these behaviors in a person just annoy the fucker until he\she cracks up.Love and Peace to you all

R4CH3LDeH4V3N5 years ago: seriously, those eyes are crazy!!! and he doesn't stop blinking at any point throughout the video. he's reptilian allright.

TheLordisWisdom4 years ago: He is a demon/possessed not a reptile. Do some research on the on the Illuminati and you will understand.

dannyel225 years ago: Pause at 5secs a blatant eye shift. Pause at 1:50 is that a fang??! If you look at the mouth at 54secs and about 1:29 I'm positive I can see a forked tongue. What do you see??

hoodboi255 years ago: omg..this shit is real..dat muthafucka is a demon!!!


ErinGoRaw5 years ago: all i needed was the pause at .05 to see those obvious two tiny slits (not possible in a human) to know the bush's have no compassion and are fricking REPTILES

themixeruper4 years ago: 0:35…. look at his eyes

ReptiliansAmongUs5 years ago: yeah is in the eyes. Like SoulContainer said, theres a weird eye movement like at 00:35

Evie de la Vara4 years ago: creepy! his eyes really do look just like a snakes!

rowania5 years ago: yes i noticed that, when he says cash, that area, his whole face becomes ridiculously evil and snake like

fooken hoff5 years ago: This is very similar to how a chameleon moves their eyes, it reminded me of that.

super2pac5 years ago: what the fuck looke at his eyes its looke like a snakes eyes holy shit yo this is some real shit

XxToxicxHazardxX5 years ago: Holy… Shit… Bye guys…. I'm gonna go hide in a corner now…

Wes Beare5 years ago: every time after he blinks it seems the pupil is fine, but right before he goes to blink again (which he does constantly) it does that weird slit pupil shit that's messed up

Xm Flash5 years ago: Look at his eyes, Sarah, and you will see a vertical slit that is prevalent in Reptilians. And look at HIS left eye at 30 to 37 seconds.

President Bill Clinton Is an Alien Apparition

Lyss G6 months ago:  President clinton isnt fukin real! Neither is the royals! What do you think goes on in hollywood?! Theres 5 clever jewish families from the end of the war that has been brainwashing us since the tv came out making us believe they are part of the royals and goverment using prosthetics like they do in the movies! Please watch Dallasgoldbug's channel! Evidence to prove it all!


timfosho1 year ago:  People denying he looks like hes in a trance. Stop it. He looks like hes completely zoned out, which is understandable for a person as mentally tough as Clinton. Is he under hypnosis? No he is not.

SUZociety4 years ago: the reptilians have more control then u think the only way to free ourselves from the Reptilians is to create equal money housing and food for all… this will cause them to lose all power of mind control and cause them to reveal there selves this is where the battle will begin


Cazachamucos5 years ago: we all have reptilian blood, the darker the less, the whiter the more!

TheBeatnik100010 months ago:  Seriously! Im shocked, stunned etc, etc! This is fucking sensational! The US President is not in charge of his own actions! You all are joking about it, but dont you realize what it means? The conspiracy about a "shadow" government run by god knows who, is true? The next thing to discover might as well be that David Icke is right?

Metatrons Cube1 year ago:  Occult Magicians can hyptonize people. Look at how they have every one hypnotized on the money spell, no matter where your from people want money and "need" money to survive. Money is humanities new God


Shawn William9 months ago:  he looks very much possessed. . or hypnotized.. maybe they really do 'give up their bodies' to be inhabited by demonic beings.

bart vanderzwaan5 years ago:  fake my ass !!wake up!! . keep up the good work rek . we win they loose

zzoonkeedd4 years ago:  Better try to use in these motherfucker the camera with heat sensor, maybe these beings are different then us. Try to do this somebody!

MaTchBoOkPoEt5 years ago:  when the camera flashes fucking xrays his head!! wtf let alone his scales behind his ears and under the chin… an easy way to spot some of these possessed scum on tv or on vids like these is one eyes jet black ones normal. and the skin around the ears and neck is allways greenish pre shift. youtube is the sunglasses from They Live


9eazemaker3 years ago:  thiziz why america iz fkdup, yu keep fighting one another cz yur fkn pussy to fite the real enemy, dnt yu idiotz see, the real enemy iz within, the real enemy iz yurselvezandinbein weak, yu war againzt yur ownfknpublic, yur no better than thoze tryin to eliminate yu, go fk yurselvez

aimspader5 years ago:  Oh, man. I was just thinking how much he favored Queen Elizabeth. How weird.

SovereignBeing3 years ago:  the things clinton gets up to would make a child sacrificing satanist blush.. come on folks learn how to discern humans from reptilians,. ! time to wake up..!


noisecape5 years ago :  definately, they will always slip up with disinfo somewhere!

Xander Taylor3 years ago:  I have read elsewhere that they hate flashes from cameras because of this very thing. It does make one wonder, though, if Bill Clinton wasn't telling the truth when he said he was the first black President. Who knows?

Tomas Valencia5 years ago :  he really looks like crocodile. This is great evidence.Bravo

matsutakneatche4 years ago:  he looks haggard; too many blow jobs from the lizard underlings.

AmazonKC5 years ago:  Ok… I belive Reptilian aliens are real… but this is not evidence. I mean come on! A shadow hit his face for a second. He didn't shape shift at all… lol

AsellusPrimus4 years ago:  lol? Did you just like draw a little black thing in on one of the slides? NEXT

Joshua Roberts5 years ago:  let me go a step further - by their actions they are in fact yielding or reifying latent carrier wave signatures from the past expressed genetically or at an even more fundamental cell biology level of being. one cannot even rule out the extra dimensional influence argument; however, as to the deliberate channeling and what not of such forces as an agenda shared by elites etc we cannot say and yet we may as well suggest it or more - it matters very little if they do or dont…

mamacordella5 years ago:  Yes,he is possessed by reptilians, real evil. Reptilians are 4th density with abilities to appear in our 3rd density for very short mo- ments.Like we eat 2nd density animals, cows, chickens etc, so does the 4th density eat us 3rd density.Like we substitute plants to eat, they also eat animals blood.(mutilations)Most abductions never return.Don't ever leave your kids unwatched, plead to Jesus Christ when in danger! He will help.


ogrishTWO5 years ago:  the dude behind clinton at 0:38 is creepy looking, turtle/human hybrid.

thugonthaglock75 years ago: Humans on earth are a hybrid race our DNA isnt originally from here. The annunaki which are a hybrid of the draconians came here and started human life for a reason. They taught us how to start a society and become miners for there special need of gold. Until this day the watchers secretly control our society. They have alot to do with the illuminati and the new world order, N.W.O.

TheRealThatOneKid5 years ago: no one's commented so i will. This shit is real, and people need to see it

wine tosee1 year ago: The snakes have charmed the charmer with that ole reptilian swagg…

shelley Gomez1 year ago: Yes it has to be aclone or possesed!!!

On President George W. Bush, Haunted Soul

Mgooboo Mckenzi3 weeks ago: yeah his scales really stand out in this video, plus i think i heard him hiss like a snake

OceanBlue Sonic2 months ago: I saw it! either it was a camera error or it was real. I knew he couldn't be trusted

johnegum533 months ago: I am proud and honoured to be a slave to the illuminati. Im happy,rich and have servants of my own. Id rather have the illuminati rule the world than ANY religious leader. So my little peasants, go on spreading your pathetic lame conspiracy theories. All i can say to you minions is . . . PROOVE IT. We shall rule till we destroy the universe.


kevin Tucker1 year ago: Not reptilian. Controlled by a spirit. He is a member of the skull and bones and he allowed a spirit to inhabit him during his initiation at Yale.

Nikita1983ks4 months ago: The eyes, the teeth, the scales all over his face! Look closely under his chin!!!

Jay BEE1 year ago: slit pupils throughout the whole video

Ip Man9 months ago: From 0:00 to 3:53 I see a war criminal!! Who gives a f*** about his eyes?!

Robert NinjaCousins6 months ago: Ok so im watching a whole butt load of these right. I don't know about all that shape shifting shit or aliens or whatever the fuck. And surley don't know if they are reptilian eyeballs im seeing. But one fact does remain in this video. His eyes are supposed to be BLUE!!! Wtf are they doing brown? Clearly brown? I see other shit quality vids and can still see blue eyes.. -_- explain that

D0gKcuf5 months ago: You can only know by the eyes and teeth !!!

darin decarlo7 months ago: of all the weird reptilian videos ive watched this is the worst

aintathug4 years ago:   Look, I'm not saying I fully believe this theory…all I'm going to say is this: Try and fully wrap your head around the idea that growing up, we're trained to IMMEDIATELY reject anything that , in our mind, sounds "ridiculous" or "ludicrous." You feel me? I just think that we need to be more open minded to anything and everything.

shanethomashicks4 years ago: depopulation has started. the revolution will not be televised. the lie is the truth and the truth is the lie.


queentab252 years ago: He's a crook reptilian with a suit on he made sure that he messed up america and now we ain't got no jobs what a loser

twotma2 years ago: GOOOOOOD JOB MAN!!!! now we need 7 billion ppl to see this :D Keep the good work m8 !!! YEAH !

MindFugger2 years ago: No way anyone can dismiss this one as being a reflection from lights! The slit pupil is clearly there! No light reflection! Thank you for sharing!

soniclady891 year ago: Didn't ole GDubbya have BLUE eyes once!??! 0.0

PYTHAGORAS1011 year ago: I love reptiles, Not when they are deceitful human looking. They have a superior complex ,which is insanity.

Abi Rii2 years ago: REPTILIAN CRIMINALS ! ! ! …Out from this World ! .. LIGHT FORCES deport them in a hell dimension ! I HAVE ASKED, SO DO IT !

President Barack Obama Blinks Weird

xXGAMING101Xx2 weeks ago:  is true obama has aliens working for him

Sallie Zedpie1 year ago:  Good catch. Also check out the old vampire on the left….he looks like part of the 500 club who really control shapeshifters like Obama.

anthony garza5 months ago:  That is the camera light in his eyes Ive seen lots of "reptilian" videos and one thing yall always base it off of is the slit in the eyes and every single one of them is a flash or camera lighting…. yall are retarded get your head out of the clouds focus on your own life..

Porcha Turner1 month ago:  I don't think it's fake. If you look close there is a lot of things like this going on with people of power and influence. Look for Oprah's satanic moment if you don't believe me. Watch her eyes very closely and make sure to read the comments after.


Arjan Lion3 months ago:  Obama looks like he see's the shape shifter and is like da fuq

MrCornishtommy5 months ago:  Humans have a reptilian part of the brain, it goes back to when we were amphibians, having evolved from fish.Yes, on this planet you are either descended from fish or giant aquatic scorpions. Deal with those facts, get your peanut sized brains around the concept of time measured in billions of years. Shape shifting reptiles? Grow up, fecking pathetic brain dead morons. We already are, in parts, reptile, as are all mammals. We should have burnt the first pilgrims before they left Bristol……

Robert Olvera7 months ago:  Wtf did you see his eyes

Antonio Mac4 months ago:  the worst part is when his eyes cahnge he him self reacts. he open his eyes wider and lean forward just alil. like he was fixin him self

silverbulletgirl29 ,  7 months ago:  If you did your homework, everyone should know damn well by now that the world was never meant to be ours. It's the Beast's. Aliens are really not your scifi creatures, they're demons is what they really are. Then there is djinn, reptilians, nanotechnology, microchip, robots, terminators, machines, & other evil beings. We are in Revelations start reading the part on the Red Dragon is released & goes to the 4 corners of the earth to destroy mankind w/evil. POLITICS/SYSTEM=SATAN

jthouse51, 5 months ago :  I watched this live, never saw this happen…you people are classic, and the sole reason why I come to these videos, so I read your comments. Keep em coming while I crack open another beer *ahhh….

mayzon1112225 years ago: anyone who believes this stuff needs to take a look at their lives

noisecape5 years ago: reptilians as such are not real. there are spiritual entities though, humans know very little at all about these things. what many of you refer to as 'reptilians' are the same things that religions have been referring to as 'demons' for a long time. doesnt make them demons. doesnt make them aliens. just makes them something we will probably never understand.

noisecape5 years ago:   definately shape shifting theory is just wrong. Possession is what happens. These high end politicians and such are members of dark orders, they partake in all sorts of demonology. It only stands to reason that many are possessed, it also helps them to be master-liars and deceptors. As for what DOES the possession…well…it's all just rationalising the unknown. You can say 'demons', or 'reptoids', or 'archons' or whatever else helps you sleep at night. Truth is: we don't understand.

eljono14 years ago: My testees shape shift when I jump into a cold pool. I am no Reptile though.

cyberhouserulz4 years ago: Give me a break. They need our gold? Ok then why wouldnt they friggin have us all out ther digging for gold all day. If any of this BS was even remotely true we would be enslaved by the far superior race and used to do nothing but get gold. Why the elaborate scheme of creating a world full of art and culture and parks and football games and on and on and on. These things are using their precious resources, so why do they allow them to happen? think about shit you loonies.