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Watch an Exhaustingly Beautiful Longform Video From Blood Orange, Featuring ‘Freetown Sound’ Tracks

“With Him,” “Best to You,” and “Better Numb” are cut into intimate close-ups, improvisations, and dance sequences.

Blood Orange's Freetown Sound, #25 on Noisey's 2016 Albums of the Year, was as close as Devonté Hynes has come to making a proper masterpiece in his long, varied, and occasionally bizarre career. It was a perfect pop collagekaleidoscopic in its vision but focused and clear all the same; it jumped and twitched around but never stumbled before finding a pop hook buried two minutes into a track. Jesus, Carly Rae Jepsen was on it!


This morning, Hynes released a longform video that features three of the album's tracks: "With Him," "Best to You," and "Better Numb." According to The Fader, the nine-minute clip was created by Hynes and Luke Gilford and choreographed by Emma Portner (star of Justin Bieber's "Life Worth Living" video). It is, like Freetown Sound, an intimate and thoughtful piece of work, flicking between piano improvisations and dance cuts, to shots of Hynes running down palm tree-lined streets. It's excellent and you can check it out below, via Tidal, before it goes behind their paywall tomorrow morning.

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