Get Down and Get Loud to "Taker," a New Rager from K.I.D

This is a song for rushing down the Gardiner Expressway, or any other notorious highways of your choosing.
December 9, 2016, 3:54pm

Mississauga garage-punks K.I.D know about a need for momentum and speed, having to take the (surprisingly long) commute between Toronto and their hometown regularly. This experience is evident in their new single "Taker," a song that's much a hollowpoint bullet of punk rock as it is sleek power-pop. New wave synths provide a colorful rush to the duo's sound, while vocalist Kara pirouettes through hooks that are alternatingly addictively syncopated chants or grand shout-alongs. "Taker" shows that K.I.D are clearly owning their lane, and they just might be branching out into a few other ones, as well.


"We wanted to keep the spirit of our garage-band-melancholy-suburbia sound intact but at the same time we really wanted to make a pop record," explains K.I.D over email. "When we heard Wolf Alice's 'Moaning Lisa Smile' it instantly caught our attention, because it was dynamic and catchy but still had plenty of dirt under its fingernails. After checking to see who had produced it, we recognized the name Mike Crossey, because he'd also produced some of our favorite bands Including Arctic Monkeys and The 1975. Upon realizing his versatility and his capability to craft such distinctive records, we knew he was the only person we wanted to do our album with. 'Taker' was maybe the funnest song to record, it's about a tumultuous relationship with a drug-hogging prostitute and is a sonic embodiment of teenage rage." Watch the "Taker" lyric video below. The group's album is coming early next year on Columbia Records.

Photo courtesy of K.I.D

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