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What Musicians Were Wearing and Sharing This Week: A Special Christmas Edition

Deck the halls.

Is it poor form to say "Merry Christmas"? Should I say "Happy Holidays" to everyone? I don't even know. What I do know is that we are back to back with weekend holidays so that means everywhere you work can be super petty like, "Oh you don't need days off" and rude shit like that. I work from home so I'm not part of that rat race, but I've certainly been there. Okay, you don't care about my work past, here are this week's IG picks.



I love photos where you can't tell what era it is. I mean, obviously I know what era this photo of SZA and Kehlani is, but I'm just saying. They could be straight outta the '90s with their fly outfits. Also Kehlani's abs have me wanting to throw these Christmas cookies across the room.


I will never not care about Plies in a sombrero. NEVER.

Willow Smith

Posting for Willow Smith's caption game heat.

DJ Khaled

If you haven't been tuned into DJ Khaled's newborn son on Snapchat—who is also the Executive Producer of his next album—then you don't want any joy in your life.

Ellie Goulding

Me, now that this year is finally ending.

Chief Keef

Oh, neat! Chief Keef is back to scare the shit out of me. Seriously though, if he and Leikeli47 collaborated, it would be kind of lit if they both wore ski masks. I'd appreciate that.

Erykah Badu

Not sure what I love more: Erykah Badu's senior class photo outfit or the fact that she wrote her nickname "Apples" in her yearbook name.

Lil Yachty

When your hair color matches your car color, you know you've truly arrived.


Drake is bringing us a very special holiday edition of Champagne Papi. I love everything about this photo. I want it on a card.

Fetty Wap

Fetty and Monty are the ultimate friendship #goals, complete with matching jackets. This is even more heartwarming than Drake by the Christmas tree. Actually, I want them on a card instead.



Let's take a halftime break and watch Brandy playing tennis. Grab a drink. Be back in a second.

French Montana

Okay, I'm back. Nice shoes, French.

Action Bronson

Real REAL talk. This is how all of us feel when confronted with the split decision of what to buy at an ice cream truck. Action Bronson is keeping it real as fuck here, because I've considered buying every option available to me. No shame.


Madonna basically dressed as Björk is the Christmas gift we didn't know we needed.


Okay this one is Christmas gift to me. Two of my favorite singers met: Esthero and Goapele. And they both currently have pink hair. I love it.

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