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Five Hot Takes on This Year's Woke BRITs™ Nominations

All you need to get you through any and all BRITs chat.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Another year, another BRIT Awards. As comfortingly predictable as changes in the seasons, it's been easy to know what to expect from the last few ceremonies. But after criticisms last year over a lack of diversity among the nominees, it seems we are entering a new era of Woke BRITs™.

This year an effort has been made to cast the net of nominees wider to include a more varied list of women and musicians of colour, but as we all know, ultimately, Adele will still win everything she is nominated for, because that's the law, alright? If you haven't seen the nominations list yet, though, never fear – get through any BRITs chat you might encounter today by using our five foolproof hot takes: 1) Bowie still runs shit from beyond the grave
David Bowie has played the biggest baller move of all in this year's nominations list. Despite literally dying at the beginning of last year, he's been nominated for two awards (Best British Male, Best British Album). It's no surprise considering his bona fide icon status and the critical acclaim received by his final album  Blackstar, but you do have to admit it's a strong final power play.


2) Diversity reigns (sort of) 
This year's nominations list is a huge improvement on last year's, where BAME artists were excluded other than in the international categories. This year's nods – especially in the Best British Male and Female categories – better reflect the diverse talent with which UK grime and R&B burst at the seams, but with no women included in the Best British Album or International Group categories, the BRITs still have a way to go before they become truly Woke.

3) Craig David is back baby! 
Nominated for Best British Male 16 years after his first trip to the BRITs, Craig's redemption is like looking at the sunset. Next time things gets tough, remember Craig and his glo-up and feel inspired.

4) 'Drake and Future' is a group apparently
Yes, they are a legitimate international group and their inclusion in the category is not at all because the organisers couldn't be arsed to think of any others. Thank you.

 5) Little Mix are pop's overlords now 
Stepping into the BRITs' One Direction-shaped pop hole, finally, are its rightful occupants, Little Mix. With three nominations, including one for Best British Group, where they're the only female nominees, and another for the fan-voted Best British Video which they will almost definitely win (Gay Twitter will make sure of it), they are the ones to beat this year and I, for one, am delighted.

And there you have them: the five tidbits you need to navigate this year's BRITs, which, inexplicably, will be hosted by Michael Bublé. They should get you through, but if all else fails, just say 'Skepta' and nod a lot.

(Image via the BRIT Awards on Twitter)