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Welcome to Fantasy Week at VICE 

We're taking a moment to indulge all our most grand, optimistic daydreams about how we want to live when COVID-19 is a thing of the past.
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A week of sharing our ultimate fantasies for life after COVID-19.

It’s the second week of March in the year 2021, which means it’s been a full year since we entered the Very Bad Times. Yep—that’s 360something days since we all started wearing sweatpants Monday through… Monday; the NBA canceled its 2020 season (as did our karaoke crews); and we fell head-first into what we’ve all come to refer to as “the pandemic,” “quarantine,” “lockdown,” or, as a casual nickname, just “COVID.” Trying to explain just how mind-bogglingly weird the last year has been to someone who didn’t live through it would be near-impossible. For months on end, our brains became a never-ending carousel of terrifying numbers: deaths, hospitalizations, and new cases. Our social lives became video conference calls (barf), our plans—all of them!—got postponed indefinitely, and our favorite bars locked their doors. 


One thing we’ve done a lot this year is daydream about what we want to do when we’re all properly poked with the vaccine, and subsequently, when we eventually get the green light to unmask and emerge from our bummer cocoons with a heightened level of gusto and appreciation for the people and things we love. We’re fantasizing about everything from simple barbecues with our friends to the wildest road trips we’ve ever taken. We can’t wait to go to Tokyo, but we’re equally enthused about the  humble pleasure of sharing a pizza with our extended squad. You only live once, but we really hope to god that you only live through a global pandemic once. (The whole world deserves free therapy right about now.) 

But above all, we’ve learned that we’ve gotta maintain PMA, and we’ve certainly got to give ourselves a break from all the doom and gloom every once in a while and just think about all of the pleasurable stuff still to come in our funny little lives. The VICE shopping team (alongside our talented contributors) is taking a moment to indulge all our most grand, optimistic thoughts about what we wish to do when this is all over. Globetrotting, throwing ragers, and dressing like we give zero fucks—this will all happen, and we’re getting closer and closer to those moments each passing day. Join us in envisioning the approaching time when we’re all vaxxed and the world is once again our big, briny oyster. Cheers.

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