Daily Horoscope: January 6, 2020

Mars enters Taurus today.
January 5, 2021, 10:41pm
Robin Eisenberg

The moon in Libra squares off with the sun at 4:37 AM, challenging us to try things a different way. Fiery Mars enters earth sign Taurus at 5:27 PM: Taurus the bull is slow to anger, but you know what happens when they see red! Mars in Taurus inspires strength, focus, and force. The moon clashes with Pluto at 6:23 PM, stirring deep, intense emotions.

All times ET.


Your ruling planet Mars has been in your sign since September, and it changes signs to enter Taurus today, creating a massive shift in energy. Your focus shifts to acquiring wealth and security. You can do it!


Action planet Mars enters your sign today, Taurus! You’re feeling strong, focused, and ready to take on the world. You’re not usually a confrontational person, but with Mars in your sign, you might come across as more aggressive than usual.


Mars enters Taurus and energizes a very private, psychic sector of your chart, finding you having busy dreams—that is, if you can sleep at all! Your mind is busy right now, but it’s crucial you get some rest. This is also a powerful time to release the past.


Warrior planet Mars enters Taurus today, kicking up drama in your social life. You may be cutting some ties over the next few days, but you’re also pursuing your hobbies and passions with more focus.


Fiery Mars enters driven earth sign Taurus, activating the sector of your chart that rules your career and reputation. This is a powerful time to bring projects to completion and show the world how capable you are.


Action planet Mars enters fellow earth sign Taurus today, energizing the sector of your chart that rules travel, school, and publishing, making this an exciting time for you to branch out beyond your usual reach.


Warrior planet Mars has been in your opposite sign Aries, which found the people you partner with in an especially aggressive mood, but as Mars enters Taurus today, you’re cutting ties and releasing yourself from situations that no longer serve you.


Your ruling planet Mars enters your opposite sign Taurus today, finding you partners in an especially confrontational mood. This may be frustrating, but it may also bring a big boost of passion in your relationships! It all depends on how the people in your life handle power and desire.


Action planet Mars enters materially-minded earth sign Taurus, helping you get organized at work. Your energy is high for tackling your projects. You're taking control of your to-do list! It’s also a great time to focus on physical activity.


Fiery Mars enters fellow earth sign Taurus today, revving up the romance and creativity sector of your chart—exciting! Passion flows in your love life and inspiration abounds...enjoy!


You’re energized to tackle issues at home as Mars enters Taurus. Whether you’re confronting a problem with your roommate or mustering up the energy to move forward with a renovation, Mars in Taurus brings you the strength and stamina you need.


Action planet Mars enters Taurus today, activating the communication sector of your chart, speeding things up, and boosting focus. Is there something you’ve been wanting to get off your chest? Mars in Taurus will help you express it.

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