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1stDibs' Big Sale Means Up to 60% Off Art, and More

It's the best time to indulge in this magical marketplace that is 1stDibs, with deals on everything from Pettibon prints to vintage shag rugs.
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Stupid-hot deals on all of our favorite stuff.

As Saint Dakota Johnson declared in her viral Architectural Digest home tour video, “I f*cking love 1stDibs.” Same, Johnson. Same. Hence, why we’re ready to roll up our consigned Gucci sleeves, and see what the online auction haus has to offer during their [airhorn] big, up to 60% off design sale. 


New to 1stDibs? Stick that pinky out, and prepare yourself for a highly curated selection of vintage decor, clothing, art, and designer oddities worth slacking to your coworker for a brain break (or, should they happen to have a spare $60,000 to go in on a hot air balloon bed). 1stDibs is just like eBay and Etsy in that it’s basically an online, primarily secondhand-goods website where you can find furniture, rugs, high-end vintage clothes, miscellaneous housewares, or whatever really. (Hot tip: if you favorite an item, the seller will usually make you a lower price offer.) But it’s the attention to detail on 1stDibs, given to a truly broad gamut of bounty, that sets it apart from our tangle of watch list items elsewhere. It has a seriffed logo, for Sotheby’s sakes. We don’t buy ourselves treats from 1stDibs too often, but when we do, we know we’re making a Full Adult Person with Taste purchase that we’ll keep forever, and will make your antique-savvy uncle go, “Damn, Tyler. When did you get so good at finding 19th-century botanical posters and Italian chairs?” 

And now is the best time to indulge in its magical marketplace, because we're talking deals upon mid-century deals upon antique deals. Here are a few of our favorite things. 


What else would we hammer flapjacks on?


Photo: 1stDibs

A regular plate? Pleeeease. We want a plate that feels like we swallowed the entirety of the Getty Villa museum.    

Miho Pancakes Tray, $28.69 $22.95 at 1stDibs

Trying really hard not to make an Austin Power joke


I will not ask if I make you horny, baby! I will not! Instead, I will just marvel at this gorgeous, “reassuringly chunky” chair, on which I'd like to perch as I eat a soft-boiled egg and drink black coffee every morning, thank you. 

Roly Poly Polyethelene Armchair in Brick Red by Faye Toogood for Driade, $685 $548 at 1stDibs

You’re an aging skater


Please go to the doctor already, and have them check out your ankle. Here’s an idea: As a reward, you can treat yourself to this old school shot of the Kate Moss X Supreme campaign from 2012, as photographed by the renowned photographer Alasdair McLellan. Were we ever so young? 

Kate Moss Supreme New York Street Art Photo, $375 $300 at 1stDibs


You live in the Tom Hanks apartment from “Big”


ICYMI, oversized, pop art decor from the 80s is back, and we can think of no better time to turn our home into a slightly less terrifying version of Pee-wee's Playhouse than the present. Buy a wumbo pencil. Then, buy this sharpener because you have follow-through, goddamnit.

Temperino Cedar Stool Bench, Designed by Alessandro Guidolin, Made in Italy, $1,960 $1,764 at 1stDibs 

You’ll finally have friends


… Once they see your cucurbitaceae pop art collection! (Why, it’s the family that pumpkins, gourds, watermelons, and cucumbers belong to, you silly goose.) Maybe you've missed the 8 billion Yayoi Kusama exhibits your friends have gleefully 'grammed from over the past decade, and need a signifier that you, too, appreciate the esteemed Japanese artist. Or perhaps you don't have any friends yet? That’s probably why you’re reading this instead of showing off your artsy vegetables (or fruits?) to your buddies.   

Yayoi Kusama Pumpkin, $650 $520 at 1stDibs


The ducky tie from HIMYM, but make it ~cool~


Photo: 1stDibs

Admit it, you’ve watched. Plus, who doesn’t want a bunch of sassy ducks floating around on their tie? 

Valentino Vintage Light Yellow Ducks Silk Tie, $82.33 $65 at 1stDibs

Not another botanical poster (but one of shells)


Photo: 1stDibs

IDGAF is botany and animal faux-scroll posters are a cheugy, millennial love match (see: this top-cheug dandelion print). They’re beautiful, and this one is the holy grail: an actual, over 100-year-old print of ye old shells. No frame? No prob, either. Put some little silver tacks in the wall, and clip this baby in with minimalist binder clips for that nonchalant  ~atelier~ look. Hell, pair it with a print of the sea-faring critters, too. 

Original Antique Print of Shells, 1847 (Unframed), $39 $29.50 at 1stDibs


It’s time for horny, grown-up lighting


Photo: 1stDibs

Good, vintage glass lighting always costs bank, with a lot of mid-century Italian glass pieces easily running into the thousands. We’ve already got the viral sunset lamp set up in the living room, and this hovering orb will be a great balancing light source on either a coffee/side table or in your bedroom. “The Bola sphere fuses an elegant blown opal glass sphere with a mirrored disc reflector in polished stainless steel,” explains the seller, “to give the illusion of a floating orb in space.”  

Bola Small Table Sphere Lamp by Pablo Designs, $295 $250.75 at 1stDibs

For the delightfully pretentious cat

cat house

Photo: 1stDibs

Aren't all cats a bit pretentious? OK, fine, no, not your baby that you found in a dumpster in Echo Park. We get it. But this is certainly an artful piece of furniture for any feline, both eye-catching and a discreet way to let your little 11-pound fur child run your life and take over your home. It's perfect. 

Cat Cave, Bordeaux House for Cats, Made in Italy, $420 $378 at 1stDibs


A goblincore way to start your day


Photo: 1stDibs

This rug combines two of our favorite, most underrated carpet traits: shaginess and roundness. It carries a sort of elfen forest energy, best accented by numerous fake plants and perhaps a home mushroom growing kit, and it's the perfect size for placing bedside so that your first steps in the morning are enveloped in a soft, cushy foot hug. 

Vintage Midcentury Continental Golden Yellow Wool Circle Rug, $1,105 $885 at 1stDibs

Up the punx

Raymond Pettibon

Photo: 1stDibs

In addition to hosting a wealth of interesting furniture and decor objets, 1stDibs is also a major purveyor of art of all kinds, including that of punk daddy Raymond Pettibon. If you've ever wanted to snatch up one of his prints, old zines, or flyers, there are a bunch on sale as we speak. The Sonic Youth Goo one is sold out, but you can still nab this 80s punk zine called No Mag from 1981, which has several interesting illustrations, including some fellatio x Mickey Mouse crossover.

Raymond Pettibon 1980s Illustration Art, $375 $300 at 1stDibs


Turn the psychedelia up to 11


Photo: 1stDibs

Despite bellowing "I love LSD!" over a loudspeaker, this roughly 3'x6' rug would also be acceptable for a child's bedroom. It's out there, but it's fun! And we like fun. 

Hand Knotted Modernist Abstract Area Rug. $1,200 $960 at 1stDibs

A coffee table book "for the art"


Photo: 1stDibs

The description for this 139-page art book, a collection of tasteful but nonetheless somewhat risqué portraits of women and their tattoos, promises that it "will not languish uncirculated in any library." It's also a cool throwback to tattoo culture of the 90s, a time before we were all covered in owls, arrows, and stick-and-poked inside jokes. 

"The Illustrated Woman" Hardcover Book by William Demichele 1993, $100 $80 at 1stDibs

“I need a new indoor-outdoor guest chair”

LaPalma Blue Chair.jpeg

Photo: 1stDibs

We got you. This Italian chair feels a bit 1980s Memphis Group, but still contemporary (and able to match our carousel of entertaining personalities). It’s crafted out of super light metal, so it will be easy to Wrestlemania-toss to your bud outside when they ask for a seat other than your lap (the audacity).  

LaPalma Blue Chair, $175 $120 at 1stDibs

See you at the Antiques Roadshow.

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