Our Wildest Hopes for 'Control: AWE'

Remedy is at its best when it leans into goofy scenarios with earnestness.
Screenshot from Control. Main character Jesse Faden floats in a white void, the only other object a menacing pitch black pyramid hanging from the top of the image.
Image courtesy of Remedy Entertainment

An extradimensional puppet show. A giant deer statue come to life. Filing paperwork related to the movements of a rubber ducky. These sort of mundane-made-extraordinary situations are part and parcel to the worlds of Remedy’s games. With the recent announcement of new DLC, they bring two of those worlds together. Alan Wake is now officially canon in the Control universe, and the implications have Gita, Rob, and I excited for what’s possible. We discuss the new DLC’s announcement stream, the Halo Infinite delay, and more on today’s episode of Waypoint Radio. You can listen to the full episode and read an excerpt below.


Rob: Is this where the Fox Mulder of FBC works?

Gita: Yeah, we're gonna look up at these popcorn ceilings and see a bunch of pencils up there?

Rob: Admittedly the things that did [excite me], and I suppose this something that has me hoping that they're keeping a bit under wraps, we got glimpses of things that have been implied. For instance there was that walled off part of the oldest house that just said "Entrance to New York Subway" and you don't get to go in. It looks like now at least we saw some subway cars that look like they're in play. We saw a lunar lander for some kind of reason, and that implies a level of goofiness that I'm extremely here for, and I'm looking forward to.

Gita: I just hope that the Federal Bureau of Control faked the moon landing. How rad would that be, you know?

Ricardo: Faked the moon landing because an altered world event happened that put something on the moon.

Gita: Yes, exactly!

Ricardo: Or some shit like that right where it's a cover of a cover.

Gita: Yeah, I hope Kubrick was involved.

Rob: Oh wow.

Gita: Yeah, like it was a last minute "shit there's an AWE on the moon and they're supposed to go tomorrow, we got to figure something out!"

Rob: Yeah, I am hopeful we're gonna get bused into some of those weird environments and backstories I do have a hope that we will glimpse a little taste of Bright Falls though. That is such a strong location, remember the fucking giant deer for the deer fest? And being chased by that thing? That ruled.


This transcript was edited for length and clarity. Discussed: Risk of Rain 2 4:36, Rogue Legacy 2 7:11, A Total War Saga: Troy 31:05, News 49:39, Control: AWE DLC 1:14:14

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