Home Linked to International Neo-Nazi Propagandist Raided By Police: Sources

The home linked to “Dark Foreigner,” a neo-Nazi artist revealed by VICE News to be an Ottawa-area graphic designer, was the site of a significant police action Wednesday, according to sources.
Image by Cathryn Virginia. 

Multiple sources have told VICE News that the last known address of an infamous artist who created propaganda for listed neo-Nazi terrorist organizations has been raided by police in Canada.

For years, the artist, Patrick Gordon MacDonald, a 20-something graphic designer living in Ottawa and going by the alias “Dark Foreigner,” produced work for Atomwaffen Division–a U.S.-based terror group that has subsequently rebranded with a new name—and other organizations within the ultraviolent neo-Nazi terror movement.


In the summer of 2021, VICE News revealed that he was operating a graphic design studio out of the Canadian capital and living with his parents, after having quietly produced art for multiple organizations. (As VICE News reported, for example, it’s believed he not only produced art for Sonnenkrieg Division but also traveled to the United Kingdom to meet with members; the group’s founder was convicted last year of 15 terrorism-related offenses, including terrorism funding.)

One tipster, who did not want to be identified, said that the raid began in the early-morning hours and involved the RCMP—Canada’s federal police force, which is responsible for counterterrorism operations—as well as the Ottawa Police Service and the Ontario Provincial Police. Boxes of materials were seen being taken from the home, the same address where VICE News once door-knocked him. VICE News was able to independently confirm this account and that police vehicles were still at the address at the time of publication.

The Ottawa Police neither confirmed nor denied an operation and said they cannot speak about ongoing investigations. The RCMP hasn’t responded to requests for comment, while the OPP could not be reached. 

The Public Safety Ministry told VICE News they were leaving comments up to the RCMP and had “nothing to add.” 

VICE News called the landline of the MacDonald home and left a message. There has been no response. 

This breaking news story is ongoing and will be updated as new details emerge.