People Tell Us Why They Do Drugs in Seven Words

“To match the energy of normal people.”
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Why do you do drugs? Photo: Steven Puetzer, Getty

Why do people do drugs? Some love the thrill at the end of a line. Others find relief at the end of a joint. People who, in the words of Chance the Rapper, do the same drugs rarely need an explanation of why other people do those drugs, but those who do different ones, or none at all (it can be intimidating, dangerous, and traumatic), might wonder what makes them so great. 


VICE asked people who use drugs to explain why they do it in a succinct seven words. Here’s what they said. Note that some of the people’s names have been changed to protect them from the legal repercussions of doing drugs.


“It usually makes me feel really good.” – Kevin, 29

“I have extreme fear of missing out.” – Bean, 27

“To match the energy of normal people.” Tony, 27


“To explore new perspectives and social experiences.” – Robert, 32

“Break boundaries and help me loosen up.” – George, 42

“Deconstruct default thought patterns and let go.” – Brielle, 27

“It just makes me feel so alive.” – Jerry, 37


“To experience the diversity of human consciousness.” – James, 26

“Peak experiences and unlocking the human mind.” – Ashley, 27

“To achieve a higher spirituality, however briefly.” – Sam, 29  

“It makes me feel connected with everything.” – Abraham, 37

“They will not give you a hangover.” – Marie, 30


“To journey spiritually with my subconscious mind.” – Sabrina, 33

“Great visuals and makes me really horny.” – Rafael, 40


“My anxiety meds just ain’t a vibe.” – Lizzie, 27

“A joint a day relieves the pain.” – Shakira, 26

“When I don’t, I become an asshole.” – Gringograss, 36

The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely that of the interviewees. VICE neither endorses nor encourages consumption of narcotics/psychotropic substances.

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