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DIY Pandemic Haircuts Are the Latest Social Media Trend

A moment of silence for these ill-chopped locks.
April 1, 2020, 7:17am
Pandemic Haircuts, Social Distancing, Coronavirus, tiktkok
(L) Image from @06.lizbeth on TikTok. (R) Image from @codyhardy on Twitter.

Most people feel a need to do something drastic after undergoing a major change in their life. Breakup haircuts and crisis-bleaching aren’t exactly new.

Caught in the grips of social isolation, boredom, and coronavirus anxieties, giving yourself a haircut with kitchen scissors suddenly doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. When you’re stuck at home most of the time, it’s not like anyone will judge your train wreck of a haircut, right?

In the latest social media trend in this period of social distancing, people are collectively grabbing the nearest pair of scissors and hacking at their hair. While many rocked their new hairdos, the impulse makeovers didn’t go too well for others.


Like this TikTok user who urged people to cut their own bangs, and then tried it herself with less than ideal results.

Of course, it wouldn’t make for a good meme if all DIY haircuts turned out perfect and unsurprising.

Bowl cuts seem to be a favourite among dudes who couldn’t care less and parents who tried their best.

Even celebrities aren’t immune to the call of DIY haircuts in the absence of professional hairdressers. Last week, singer Pink revealed the patchy buzz cut that she gave herself after knocking back a few drinks.

Meanwhile, some house pets couldn’t escape from experimental grooming endeavours during this quarantine period.

These tragic makeovers are hilarious but also make a lot of sense — when else will you get the chance to sport a DIY disaster on your head?

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