Drake Won't Stop Posting Pictures of His Newly Pierced Ears

The man has some fancy new earrings, and he wants everyone to know it!!!
Queens, US
drake got earrings!!!
Images via Instagram | Illustration by Dessie Jackson

More than a decade after his role as Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi: The Next Generation, Drake is still shaping what it means to be a teenager as an executive producer on Euphoria. So it makes perfect sense that his first move of 2020 is reminiscent of the cheap thrills of adolescence, like your first time driving or skipping class. Thirty-three-year-old Drake got his ears pierced, and he wants the whole school to know about it.


The prospect of 2020—a new year and a new decade—made everybody want to change, including the Toronto rapper, who evolved from "that actor from that Canadian show" to DRAKE in the 2010s. But what does somebody like Drake want to do? It only takes one look at his Instagram to find out.

On December 21, he posted the first of several side profile shots, one that showed off his new bling. People quickly took notice. "Needle or gun?" the top comment reads.

Then on New Year's Eve, he posted another side profile photo that was almost too dark to see, save for the giant disco ball that matches his earring. Wait… his earring? Yep, there it is again on the same ear that was empty at the 0:48 second mark of the two-hour Rap Radar interview he released on Christmas.

On January 2, he was feeling so good about this development that he provided us with two photos that prominently featured his newly iced out ears. In one he tilts his head ever so slightly so we can see how his diamonds twinkle in the light.

In the next one, a playful dedication to Carnage, Drake chose a photo with the producer in the background on purpose, although his earring is clear as day. The only thing worse than making a birthday post for someone about yourself is making the birthday post about your new earrings. Look at Drake's thumb placement! He's practically begging us to notice his jewelry.

We get it, Drake. Your ears are pierced. According to TMZ, he did the deed in Atlanta just before Christmas, which means he quickly took to Instagram to show off. TMZ also notes that the sensitive rapper was previously rocking magnetic earrings. Magnetic earrings! What a dork. We aren't the only ones to notice how confident his new earring makes him feel. Other rappers have joined his comment section to roast him, too. "The man got his ears pierced and don't know how to act….. in two months cuz gone have the CAMRONS," Tory Lanez wrote. "Can't stop showing them lobes, you on yo DJ Khaled pose phase now? Lmao," said Bay Area rapper Guapdad 4000. But if we're being honest, maybe we're just jealous that he didn't get stuck wearing those first pair of tiny training earrings for six weeks like the rest of us.

This whole ordeal feels very much like when Manny Santos had to let everyone in the halls of Degrassi Community High School know she was wearing a thong. It's looking like we might get Side Profile Drake for the next 366 days. Damn that leap year.