Look Into the Eyes of Werner Herzog's Funko Pop and You Will See Real Stupidity

The company that makes tiny bobbleheads of Deadpool, Pikachu, and Conan O'Brien is now paying homage to the intense filmmaker.
Drew Schwartz
Brooklyn, US
Werner Herzog Funko Pop
Product photo via Funko; photo of Herzog via Wikimedia Commons

Werner Herzog has made documentaries about two convicted murderers on death row and a grizzly bear enthusiast mauled to death by an animal he loved. He's directed movies about clinically insane glassblowers and celebrity hermits, rubber barons and prisoners of war—an altogether bleak, bizarre collection of work about the extremes of human existence. His career deserves all the recognition it gets; and thankfully, someone finally decided to immortalize the auteur filmmaker in a way that does him justice.


That's right: Werner Herzog is getting made into a Funko Pop, baby.

The same company that brought you three-inch-tall bobbleheads of Deadpool, Pikachu, Crash Bandicoot, and about 6,000 other fixtures of pop culture is releasing a new line of collectibles based on The Mandalorian, the Disney+ series set in the Star Wars universe. Herzog has a small part in the show as "The Client," a mysterious and generally spooky rich dude on the hunt for Baby Yoda—and, for whatever reason, he made the cut.

As strange as it is to see Werner Herzog transformed into a cute, plastic figurine with a giant head and a tiny body, it's even stranger to imagine who the hell would ever want to buy that figurine. But these people exist. Funko has grown into a $686 million business selling its wares in GameStops, Barnes & Nobles, and Hot Topics around the country. People collect them in the hundreds, for some reason, and just kind of… look at them, I guess. Which is fine! If you want to spend thousands of dollars on tiny doll versions of Conan O'Brien as Batman and the shark from Sharknado or whatever, and that makes you happy, that's great.

For the Funko/Star Wars enthusiasts among you, it's worth noting that the company is putting out a whole slew of Mandalorian toys.

They'll all come out in 2020, though there's no word on exactly when Funko is going to release them. Once they hit the shelves, maybe we'll finally get the follow-up to Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe we deserve: Werner Herzog Plays With His Funko Pop.

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