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Couple Sparks Outrage in Myanmar For Filming Sex Video in Sacred Temple

Seriously, who ever thinks ‘We should have sex here’ when they visit a temple in the UNESCO World Heritage Site Bagan?
February 20, 2020, 9:51am
myanmar sex video porn bagan outrage
For illustrative purposes only. (L) Photo by Alejandra Quiroz on Unsplash (R) Photo by bckfwd on Unsplash

This article originally appeared on VICE Asia.

Everyone has their kinks, we get it. Some people are into BDSM, role-playing, or even furries. But seriously, let’s save the magic for spaces that aren’t sacred cultural heritage sites. This is what happened in Bagan, the ancient city in Mandalay, Myanmar that's home to thousands of Buddhist pagodas.

An Italian couple, made up of two 23-years old, shot a 12-minute video of themselves naked and getting steamy at the UNESCO World Heritage Site, and posted it on Pornbub, Channel News Asia reported.

In the video, they can be seen having sex in broad daylight inside a Buddhist temple. The camera even pans around to show the pagoda in the background, The Daily Mail reported. The video titled Don't get offended by this huge cumshot outdoors, has since spread online, amassing almost a quarter of a million views.

Understandably, the Burmese were furious. Many are angry at the disrespect towards their holy land. The video has received 5,500 dislikes and 2,200 likes.

Although the couple hasn’t been caught yet, Myanmar authorities told 7 Day News that it would prosecute the tourists for going against the nation’s blasphemy laws, specifically for damaging or defiling and trespassing a place of worship under articles 295 and 297 of the Penal Code, respectively. If convicted, the couple would serve a combined maximum sentence of three years.

The video was uploaded on the website by a user named "YeeesYeeesYeees." The account reportedly belonged to the couple, who turned out to be amateur porn actors.

On their profile, they proudly say: "We're a fun couple, down to earth and open to trying all sorts of new things! We're here to have fun with you!!!”

Their Pornhub account has more than 81,000 subscribers and over 35 million video views since joining 11 months ago.

A commenter called the sex video "stupid," while another attacked the couple's insensitivity, saying "Do not disrespect other cultures." Netizens were also raging on Facebook, where user Mg Khin Gyi wrote, "Our Bagan pagodas are the Holy Land," followed by angry emojis.

Considering tourists frequent this destination, Tun Tun Naing, Managing Director of the New Fantastic Asia tour company, questioned the “negligent” security and called for action.

Meanwhile, Myo Yee, Mandalay Chairman of the Union of Myanmar Travel Association told AFP, “It's a difficult time for us because not many tourists are coming here,” referring to the industry being affected by the coronavirus scares.

Unfortunately, this incident is not the first of its kind. In 2018, photographer Andreas Hvid released a video of him and a model having sex on top of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. It received a similar reaction from netizens and prompted an international investigation.

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