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The Best Airbnbs and Rentals With Hot Tubs and Saunas

Massage and bon voyage in these hot tub-blessed vacation homes, from Joni Mitchell-worthy cabins to Aspen escapes.
The 12 Best Airbnbs and Rentals with Hot Tubs and Saunas
Photo: Airbnb

If a vacation unfolds at an Airbnb and there are no lambrusco-fueled hot tub debates about the occultist city planners of Melbourne, did it ever really happen? I’m not saying the best rentals have to have hot tubs and spa amenities, but bubbles can be the bridge between you and the best hand job vacation of your life. No matter how many cool rentals I blast off to the group chat—homes with palatial windows, wrap-around porches, or massage chairs—the first responses are always, “Nice. Where’s the Jacuzzi?” 


There’s a special alchemy that happens with vacation rental hot tubs and spas, not unlike the way a basic club sandwich’s taste is elevated when eaten at the beach (ideally, with some Zapp’s), or how fancy it feels to drink orange juice with ice on a plane. A hot tub at your friend’s house is convenient, but a hot tub at an Aspen rental house? That feels like a reward. 

Wouldn’t a Jacuzzi soak be nice after that pilgrimage to the Liberty Bell? Don’t you deserve to shed the Carhartt beanies of winter, and hop in the cauldron with your coven at a Woodstock cabin? Of course you do, which is why we’ve narrowed down a list of the best Airbnbs and rental homes with hot tubs and saunas, so you can stop vacationing like a peasant and start jettisoning your vacation to the next level of massage and bon voyage.  

Topanga Canyon hideaway

Screen Shot 2023-04-13 at 3.08.25 PM.png

Photo: Airbnb

Who wouldn’t be down for a little Fleetwood Mac LARPing at this three story home in Topanga Canyon, California? It has a five-star average rating from Airbnb reviewers, and a cedar tub that can be used as either a cold plunge pool or a hot tub. Plus, it’s dog-friendly and the owners are happy to arrange house calls from local yoga instructors and personal chefs. 

Hillside Hideaway; sleeps up to 8, $725/night at Airbnb

A private New York beach

Screen Shot 2023-04-13 at 3.09.32 PM.png

Photo: Plum Guide

The Bahamas, in Shelter Island, New York? Yes, king. This retreat comes to us from Plum Guide, which is a new, slightly bougier Airbnb-competitor boasting properties that look like they belong in a James Bond movie (please see: this mirrored desert house). Not only does this home come with balconies on balconies, a multi-leveled deck with a fire pit, and a hot tub and spa, but it has a private beach for your pleasure alone. 


Casa Tropicana; sleeps up to 12, $1,929/night at Plum Guide

Aspen retreat

Screen Shot 2023-04-13 at 3.10.37 PM.png

Photo: Plum Guide

If you know the difference between a pronghorn and an antelope, you’re probably headed to Aspen, Colorado for a little R&R this summer. This luxury home offers private parking, panoramic views (perfect for July 4; just saying) nearby hiking trail access, and, of course, a hot tub. Pull up with your eleven favorite lovers, and let the good bongs times rip. 

Vacation Station; sleeps up to 12, $2,545/night at Plum Guide

The dream of the hot tub is alive in Portland

Screen Shot 2023-04-13 at 3.13.19 PM.png

Photo: Airbnb

There’s nothing like a cozy, 1920s bungalow with a sunroom and a hot tub to set you right again. This Portland, Oregon home is just what the cottagecore doctor ordered, and has an impressive five-star average rating on Airbnb. 

Cheery 2-Bedroom Home; sleeps up to 4, $228/night at Airbnb

The Woodstock cabin

Screen Shot 2023-04-13 at 3.14.36 PM.png

Photo: Airbnb

It’s that time of the year again, New Yorkers. The city has just unthawed, and the weekend jaunts from Brooklyn to upstate NY are about to begin. This cabin is in Saugerties, New York, and about a 15-minute drive to Woodstock. The house is located in a very quiet neighborhood with a large fully fenced yard, hammock, hot tub, fire pit, and beautiful outdoor garden area.    

Upstate NY Getaway; sleeps up to 5, $304/night at Airbnb

Postmodern 80s LA 

Screen Shot 2023-04-13 at 3.16.49 PM.png

Photo: Airbnb

Few design genres bring the 1) sex appeal and 2) party energy of Cocaine Decor aesthetics, and this striking home in Los Angeles, California is just begging for a fat synth soundtrack and high-cut bikini. The Hollywood Hills home has a five-star average rating on Airbnb, and panoramic views of the city.  


Dream House; sleeps up to 7, $682/night at Airbnb

The Big Sur road trip

Screen Shot 2023-04-13 at 3.17.24 PM.png

Photo: Airbnb

Planning a California road trip? Put this five-star average rated Airbnb on the map, because it’s a stone’s throw from Big Sur. Located in Carmel Valley, California, this deluxe camper has a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains, and plenty of chill horses on the premises. 

Horse Corral with Stunning Views; sleeps up to 2, $175/night at Airbnb   

Perched in the Adirondacks

Screen Shot 2023-04-13 at 3.19.09 PM.png

Photo: Airbnb

The view alone of this Remsen, New York rental is enough to make us smash that “book now” button. The hot tub is also built into the deck of the home, so you can roll from the living room to the Jacuzzi without missing a beat. Plus, all of the bedding is from The Company Store, which is a welcome escape from the raggedy Target jawns we’ve had since 2012.

Adirondack Luxury Villa; sleeps up to 4, $561/night at Airbnb

Palm Springs sunrise

Screen Shot 2023-04-13 at 3.20.14 PM.png

Photo: Plum Guide

Ah, Palm Springs. Maybe you’ve been there for a music festival, a bachelorette party, or because you’re passionate about the Bridge of Thighs. Whatever your reason for escaping to the desert, this Palm Springs, California home is just a four-minute walk to the downtown area, and comes equipped with both a hot tub and a saltwater pool.

Sunrise Soul; sleeps up to 6, $2,194/night at Plum Guide

Escape to Atlanta (and an infinity edge pool)

Screen Shot 2023-04-13 at 3.21.00 PM.png

Photo: Airbnb

The whole commune could fit into this Atlanta, Georgia home, which has a private infinity edge pool, hot tub, cabana, and an outdoor fireplace. It has a 4.9-star average rating on Airbnb, and enough greenery to make you feel way more removed from the city than you actually are. 


Buckhead Home; sleeps up to 10, $604/night at Airbnb

The Venice Beach cabana

Screen Shot 2023-04-13 at 3.22.08 PM.png

Photo: Airbnb

It can be impossible to find an affordable rental home in Venice Beach, California—let alone one with a 4.95-star average rating. Stay in this nearly 100-year-old Spanish home’s cabana, and you’ll have one of LA’s most eclectic neighborhoods at your feet, in addition to a pool and hot tub.  

Venice Beach Guest Studio with Pool and Hot Tub; sleeps up to 2, $176/night at Airbnb

California’s Gaudi

Screen Shot 2023-04-13 at 3.25.06 PM.png

Photo: Vrbo

There are a lot of jaw-dropping rental homes by famous architects on our bucket list, but this psychedelic home in Santa Barbara, California is at the top of the list. Designed in 1971 by architect Michael Carmichael, the shingled house was inspired by the playful architecture of Antonio Gaudi and includes a lap pool that takes you straight inside the house. You’re also smack in the middle of nature, and a five minute stroll from the city’s sprawling botanical garden

The Whale House; sleeps up to 6, $1,044/night at Vrbo

Happy trails. 

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