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Unseen Photos of One of England's Most Notorious Prisons

Chris Steele-Perkins's pictures of Manchester's Strangeways prison from 1980 reveal a slice of the UK's criminal underworld.
October 22, 2014, 2:44pm

For VICE's True Crime issueMagnum Photos was kind enough to let us look through their dizzying archives for unpublished photos of the UK's criminal element. We came across a folder of slides from Chris Steele-Perkins's 1980 project on Manchester’s infamous prison, Strangeways, now officially renamed HM Prison Manchester (not nearly as good a name, if you ask us).

Steele-Perkins’s iconic work on the UK's urban plight of the late 70s, and his genre-defining 1979 book The Teds, places him among the greats of British photography—so it was especially nice to get to print these previously unpublished portraits.