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A Festival Campsite Architecture Tour

You thought you were pretty great because you pitched a tent? These guys made a castle.

Just look at these guys, up in their freaking castle, having the best time of their lives. From the fake vine to the chain ladder, the attention to detail is impressive. All photos by John-Paul Aziz (unless otherwise noted)

Music festivals don't need to involve getting sunburnt through your $15 tent. Over summer we hung out with some people who have mastered the art of the festival campsite.

Are these guys here for a weekend or the rest of their lives? This looks like the sort of thing you could actually, kind of comfortably live in. The exhaust pipe slide is next level.

This geodesic dome tent is quite beautiful. Light, airy, and breathable, this is where you want to be chilling out at a summer festival. The beaded curtain, fairy lights, and vines add a nice homely, share house touch. Also, please note their abundance of supplies. This is who you should befriend if you ever need to borrow a cup of sugar at a festival.


Ever thought you'd describe a tent as "minimal, sophisticated, and elegant"? Us either.

This is what Dr. Seuss' campsite would look like if he went to a festival. Look closely and you'll even see a tent within a tent. Meta.

This situation looks like it could be from the next Empire of The Sun video clip, but don't worry guys, it's actually just a very casual and understated campsite set-up. The Persian carpet and chaise lounge (how did that even get here?) add a sense of luxury, and you've got to admire these dudes' forward-thinking. A campsite like this just doesn't come naturally, it's orchestrated and thought-out to achieve maximum ~vibes. 10/10.

Bringing a cabana to a festival? Smart. Bringing a donut bar? Genius. Here you have all the elements to become quickly known as The Funnest People at The Campsite—disco ball, oversized wicker fan, astro-turfed relaxation station with banana lounges. Kick-ons at the donut are sure to go down in history. Photo by VICE Staff

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