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WATCH: An Exclusive Clip from Adam Curtis’ New Documentary, ‘HyperNormalisation’

The film, out this week, asks if we have become lost in an unreal world.

Still from 'HyperNormalisation' trailer

In his new film HyperNormalisation, documentary maker and journalist Adam Curtis, of Bitter Lake fame, continues his mission to look beyond the "fake world" to the invisible powers that have shaped modern history.

Like all Curtis' documentaries, this film occupies a space somewhere between horrible nightmare and uncomfortable truth. It follows a narrative through dark ideological times – the origins of the Syrian apocalypse; the collapse of political middle grounds and the rise of nationalism; the meaning of Putin and Assad and Donald Trump – to ask the question: how did we get here?


Watch an exclusive trailer here.

'HyperNormalisation' is available on BBC iPlayer from October 16, 9pm.

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