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​You Should Be Afraid of the Cat That Just Attacked Seven Pit Bulls

Could cats be upending the natural order of life as we know it?
August 17, 2016, 3:30pm
Don't fuck with kitty. Photo via Flickr user Tambako The Jaguar

Stop what you're doing right now, internet, because a cat in British Columbia just attacked seven pit bulls, officially making it the first cat I've ever cared about in my life.

On Monday night, a bunch of people were walking their pit bulls as part of a group called Pit Bulls of Victoria B.C. (which sounds terrifying tbh) when a cat jumped from its lawn and started attacking the dogs.

A pit bull named Bandida as well as Kyla Grover, one of the owners, were injured.


Grover told the Vancouver Sun that the cat started swiping at the dogs when it caught onto Bandida's face, biting and scratching Grover in the process.

"The dogs were walking by, completely minding their own business," Grover said. "The cat just goes at all of the dogs, not backing down." She said the dogs were all on leashes and just barked as this kitty went ape.

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Even as a fervent cat hater/dog lover, it's hard not to be impressed by this cat's savage attack.

But what I love even more about the lil sav is that its name is Baby. On any other occasion, I'd drag an owner for giving their animal such a foolish title, but this cat's no-BS, thug lifestyle makes the name Baby 100 percent badass.

Baby's owner's, Del Thompson, said that his cat was just protecting his wife, who was gardening when the dogs were walking by.

"She's an older cat. She sleeps most of the time, so she doesn't have any reaction to anything really except when dogs come near my wife. Then she acts like a guard dog," Thompson said.

Seeing as pit bulls are continuously viewed as one of the most dangerous types of dogs (and are giving us many reasons to believe so) this cute vicious cat proves to us that the animal double standard is alive and, well, looks can be deceiving.

*Crowd goes wild for Baby.*

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