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David 'Rock' Nelson Has Been Creating Monster Movies in His Backyard for 25 Years

On this episode of 'OUTSIDER,' we head out on a road trip with Nelson to learn more about his life-long fascination with horror films.
June 23, 2016, 2:00pm

Former Marine and boxer David "Rock" Nelson has been making monster films on his camcorder for the past 25 years. His films rarely conform to conventional notions of plot, continuity, or logic; they often star himself, his elderly parents, or his girlfriend; and have garnered him a loyal cult following of film fanatics around the country.

In the latest episode of OUTSIDER, VICE's web series dedicated to uncovering the singular minds behind the world's strangest movies, host Zack Carlson heads out on a cross-country road trip with Nelson from his home in suburban Illinois to a film festival in Philadelphia honoring his work. Along the way, we learn more about Nelson's lifelong fascination with monster films and witness the same incessant energy and fearless intensity that his DIY movies exude.