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Let Kenneth Anger and Brian Butler Attack Your Senses in LA on Sunday

If you're really lucky, lucifer might be there too.

Experimental filmmaking legend Kenneth Anger will be in Los Angeles at The Regent Theater on Sunday night, attending a celebration of his work, and performing as one half of Kenneth Anger & Brian Butler's Technicolor Skull.

Anger and Butler's act employs guitars, a theremin, and a 60,000 watt sound system—the type of stuff normally associated with such trivialities as mere music—in combination with visuals and stagecraft, to plunge audiences into a kind of ecstatic nightmare. If you've ever seen Anger's Lucifer Rising, you're at least partially ready for this "magick ritual of light and sound."

And if you haven't seen Lucifer Rising you're in luck, because it's one of the films included in the Kenneth Anger retrospective, along with The Invocation of My Demon Brother, Scorpio Rising, and Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome. The 89-year-old's life's work has influenced everyone from Andy Warhol to George Lucas, and if you're lucky enough to be there on Sunday night, it can influence you too.

Doors are at 7:00 PM, and tickets are $20-$50.

You can find more information on Facebook or at the Regent Theater site.