The VICE Australia Monday Bulletin


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The VICE Australia Monday Bulletin

Survivors recount the attacks in Paris, Australia finalises a deal to sell uranium to India, and a future marijuana industry may centre around Christmas Island.

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  • Australians in Paris
    The attack on Paris continues to dominate international news, while local attention turns to Australian nationals caught in the slaughter. Several Australians survived the assault at the Bataclan theatre by playing dead, while 19 year-old Emma Parkinson has exited surgery and is expected to make a complete recovery. — The Sydney Morning Herald
  • NSW Police Slammed for Hacking
    A magistrate judge has described the NSW Police's hacking of a suspect's Facebook account as legally "reprehensible." A Sydney man was charged with using a carriage service to offend police and of publishing an indecent article. However, a senior officer admitted during trial that evidence had been collected from the man's Facebook account, which police had accessed by signing in under a false name. — The Sydney Morning Herald
  • Indian Uranium Sale Finalised
    On Sunday India announced that the deal to buy Australian uranium had been finalised. This came after a year of hashing out the agreement's details, which some critics claim don't include enough safeguards. India currently has two operational reactors but wants to increase that number to 32 over the next three decades. — Hindustan Times
  • Christmas Island Is Ideal for Growing Marijuana
    A research group at Murdoch University has dispelled a long-held belief that Christmas Island is agriculturally unserviceable, and nominated medical marijuana as a suitable crop. Pending approval from the Federal and WA Governments, the team at Murdoch plans to join forces with a fledgling Perth-based medicinal cannabis company, AusCann, to commence trials as soon as possible. — ABC News
  • Cashless Welfare Card Finalised for the East Kimberley
    The Federal Government has announced that it's ready to go ahead with a trial for a cashless welfare card in the Kimberley, where rates of alcoholism and substance abuse are rife among Indigenous communities. Those using the card will be unable to buy alcohol or engage in gambling. — ABC News


  • Manhunt for Eighth Attacker in Paris
    26 year-old Belgium-born Abdeslam Salah is believed to be the sole surviving member of Friday's atrocity that has left at least 129 dead. It's understood he fled the Bataclan theatre where his two brothers were also killed. A warrant issued for his arrest warns that Selah is "dangerous" and advises civilians to not approach him. — VICE News
  • France Pounds IS Strongholds in Syria
    President Francois Hollande described the assault on Friday night as an "act of war" and promised to respond "without mercy." This sentiment seems to have signalled an increase in military action in Syria, as 30 airstrikes have allegedly hit Raqqa, the Islamic State's de facto capital. —VICE News
  • 21 Still Missing in Chinese Landslide
    The mountainous Chinese province of Hunan has been inundated with rain, swelling rivers and causing a landslide Friday evening. There are 16 confirmed casualties so far, with 21 missing as rescue workers continue unearthing buried homes. —ABC News
  • Mourners in Beirut Feel Forgotten
    One day before the attack in Paris, double suicide blasts in a busy part of inner Beirut left 40 dead. While Lebanon now struggles with this atrocity most of the world's sympathy is directed towards Paris. —New York Times

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