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The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, Julian Assange has said he will turn himself over to UK police on Friday if the UN rules against him, Sanders calls Clinton a part-time progressive, Facebook wants 5 billion users, and more.

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US News

Sanders and Clinton Battle for Progressive Cred
Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have clashed over their progressive credentials ahead of the New Hampshire primary. While Sanders criticized Clinton for only being progressive "some days," Clinton insisted she was "a progressive who gets results." —The Washington Post

Black Lives Matter Activist Runs for Mayor
DeRay Mckesson, a leading figure in the Black Lives Matter movement, has announced he is running for mayor of Baltimore. "We cannot rely on traditional pathways to politics and the traditional politicians who walk that path," he said. —The New York Times


Obama Condemns Islamophobic Rhetoric
President Obama made his first visit to a US mosque, speaking to Muslim Americans at the Islamic Society of Baltimore. Obama attacked those who use "inexcusable political rhetoric" and said "an attack on one faith is an attack on all our faiths." —VICE News

Cosby Case Cleared to Proceed
A judge has refused to throw out a sexual assault case against comedian Bill Cosby, despite Cosby's lawyers arguing he had an immunity agreement. Cosby is accused of drugging and molesting a former athletics official in 2004. —CBS News

International News

Leaders Seek Billions for Syria
World leaders and diplomats from 70 countries are meeting in London today to attempt to raise billions for victims of the war in Syria. The UN and regional countries like Jordan and Lebanon say they will need $9 billion in aid for refugees in 2016. —AP

Assange May Soon Surrender
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has said he will turn himself over to UK police on Friday if the UN rules against him. In 2014 Assange complained to the UN that he was "detained" inside the UK's Ecuadorian embassy as he could not leave without being arrested. —CNN

IS Leaders Move to Libya
Several senior commanders from the Islamic State (IS) group have moved to Libya from Iraq and Syria, a top Libyan intelligence official has revealed. "They view Libya as a safe haven," he said. IS control the area around the Libyan city of Sirte. —BBC News


TTP Deal Signed in New Zealand
Ministers from the Asia-Pacific region and the Americas have signed the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal in Auckland, New Zealand. Activists protested outside the city's convention centre, believing it hands too much power to corporations. —[Al Jazeera ](

A still from Pussy Riot's new video.

Everything Else

Facebook Wants 5 Billion Users
Facebook aims to have 5 billion of the world's 7 billion humans connected to its social network by 2030. "We want to finish connecting everyone," said Mark Zuckerberg at his company's 12th birthday party. —USA Today

Pussy Riot Rail Against Russian Corruption in New Video
Pussy Riot's new song and video Chaika focuses on recent corruption allegations against Russia's prosecutor general Yuri Chaika. The video sees singer Nadya acting out the torture of opponents. —VICE

Steven Avery's Brother Does First Interview
Earl Avery, brother of Netflix's Making a Murderer subject Steven Avery, has given his first TV interview. Earl said he won't hold any grudges after Steven accused him murdering Teresa Halbach. "His lawyers told him to say that." —Rolling Stone

Attractive Female DJs Only, Please
Derrick Carter, the Black Madonna and others have spoken out against Justin James, the booking agent who posted a Facebook casting call saying he would "only work with attractive female DJs." —[Thump ]( with reading today? Watch our new video 'Confessions of a Schoolteacher'_