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TONIGHT: Watch VICE's Alternative UK Election Night Coverage

Tune in to our YouTube channel for three glorious hours of election reflection.

Tonight, for the first time ever, VICE is broadcasting our own alternative coverage of UK election night. Starting at 10PM, and lasting three glorious hours, The VICE Guide to the 2015 UK Election is airing right now on our YouTube channel and here, embedded in this post. By the time it's done, we may be slightly closer to knowing who will be running the UK for the next five years.

Or perhaps we won't. With British Parliament likely to be hung once again, the broadcast aims to highlight the issues beyond the Westminster gamesmanship and the problems that will have to be solved by whichever party—or coalition of parties—manages to come out on top.

Taking in the housing crisis, poverty and food banks, mental health, student protests, political disillusionment, and spin, VICE UK's political correspondent Gavin Haynes uses the films we've been making in the run-up to Election '15 to examine the past five years of coalition rule and what the future holds for young Brits.