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You Can Smoke Weed in Public in Ontario Now

Medical marijuana users are exempt from smoke-free zones.

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Medical marijuana users in Ontario can now smoke up in public according to the Ministry of Health.

While smoking and vaping is against the law in most of the province's public spaces, the government is allowing exceptions for those who use weed as a health treatment.

"The law allows for an exemption because someone needs it for a medical purpose … It's about negotiating. It's about balancing the rights," Dipika Damerla, Associate Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, told the media.

Unfortunately, that doesn't necessarily mean you hit the bong at work. Damerla said business owners are allowed to override the rules if they see fit.

"As an employer and a restaurant owner, you can say that there is no vaping, no smoking of medical marijuana," said Damerla.

Jonathan Zaid, founder and executive director of Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana said the move is a "milestone in the recognition of the legitimacy of the use of cannabis as a medicine."

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