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A Manitoba Zamboni Operator Was Charged with Drunk Driving During a Hockey Game

It doesn't get much more Canadian than that.

You had one job. Photo via Flickr user Bryce Edwards

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A Manitoba man has been charged with impaired driving for allegedlyoperating a Zamboni machine while being hammered.

Cops in the rural town of Sainte-Anne, southeast of Winnipeg, said they received complaints about a dude driving "erratically" on an ice rink during a minor league hockey game on Saturday night. According to police chief Marc Robichaud, the Zamboni was bumping into the boards, prompting concern.


When confronted by police, the driver, in his 30s, didn't go quietly. He's now facing charges of impaired driving, refusing a breath sample, and resisting arrest.

Robichaud told media the man was new to being a Zamboni operator, so it's feasible that he thought cruising the rink wasted was a perfectly acceptable thing to do. Or maybe he's a Deaner fan.

Regardless, this hoser is not alone in breaking drinking and driving laws in a spectacularly Canadian fashion.

A Huntsville, Ontario man was charged with impaired driving Saturday night for allegedly drunkenly driving his snowplow into a ditch off Highway 11. He was found by cops with an open container of booze on him.

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