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Jay Boogie Doesn't Want to Catch Feelings On "Body Principles"

But the rapper is still accepting flowers and Edible Arrangements.

Photo by Nick Blumenthal Brooklyn rapper Jay Boogie (aka “The Body”) has been a notable fixture in the New York club scene and QPOC rap circle for quite some time. His cut-throat style with an unabashed femininity tends to pose a threat to the masculinity of tough guys on the block. When’s he not performing, Boogie promotes body positivity via social media with workout routines and health-tips that could potentially give Teyana Taylor’s impressive figure a run for its money someday in the future. Today Noisey premieres Jay Boogie’s new track “Body Principles.” This entrancing bedroom banger, which is produced by Flex Lang, finds Boogie transforming a steamy interpolation of Floetry’s “Say Yes” into a self reflection of life after your ex leaves you wanting nothing more than loveless sexual encounters from your future suitors. Subtle trap beats slither across the luscious, down-tempo production, with Boogie’s sultry auto-tune vocals going tit for tat with a few vicious bars. He’s fully self-aware of the sex appeal he exudes, which is why he spits lines like "Fuck me like a trick/disrespect me/don’t text me”, as a pre-emptive strike for the head games that come the morning after. It’s nothing personal to the new boo’s looking to court Boogie, but at this point in his blossoming career, this aspiring jet-setter seems like he’d much rather be catching flights, not feelings.


“I was madly in love with this man, but at some point after all his demands I had to ask myself ‘would you do the same for me?’” says Boogie. “[It] is speaking to my future encounters and my ex simultaneously. I'm very aware that I am a sex icon and my body is truly seductive and enticing, so there’s no need to convince me that you care about more than my sex appeal. I’m now healing after the hurt my ex-lover caused to my heart, which has put me back into this ‘Fuck niggas get money’ attitude. However, I’m completely unapologetic about it, but it sucks for those good ones out there that want to court with me. I'm still accepting flowers and Edible Arrangements, though.”

Listen to the track below:

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